A global community working to build a sustainable future.


To drive sustainable development through inspiring young people to be the agents of change.



Raleigh people have the courage to create change in their lives and their communities. We are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone and take on a challenge.


We want to learn from one another. We embrace innovation to create positive change.


We are driven by the desire to get the job done. Our attitude is ‘can do’ and we believe in not giving up if the going gets tough.


We act with honesty and respect and we are responsible for our own actions. We listen and respond to address the needs of communities and partners.


Our work makes a difference long term. We seek to maximise impact in everything we do to ensure that positive results are long lasting and far reaching.

Charitable Objectives

  • advancement of education and global citizenship
  • relief of those in need by reason of disadvantage
  • advancement of environmental protection and sustainable community development


Read our 2013-2016 strategy and how we measure the impact of our work