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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

At Raleigh International we love that everyone is different. Our ambition is to celebrate the diversity of our staff and volunteers.

We are committed to eliminating discrimination and creating a workforce that reflects the societies we live and work in. We are also committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture that supports diversity and inclusion, allowing all colleagues and volunteers to bring their whole selves to work or their volunteering placement, without fear or judgement.

We believe achieving equality, diversity and fairness of opportunity is our shared responsibility and we are working hard to ensure that as an organisation and as individuals we are all accountable. It starts with us.


2020 was a threshold moment in facing up to racist structures and systems in our global society. We like so many organisations have listened hard and acknowledge that we need to do our bit to ensure we live in a fair and anti-racist world. We are revising our approach to inclusion and anti-racism. We are owning up to the bad judgements we have called, learnings we have missed and mistakes we have made. It begins here.

We strive to ensure that everyone who works, volunteers, or partners with Raleigh International feels safe to be their true authentic selves and not fear racism, prejudice, or discrimination.

We know that often the burden is on marginalised communities to shout about the changes desperately needed to bring about equality. We will support those voices, focus on our own learning and listen to what steps we can to take to become a more inclusive, anti-racist organisation.

We know that the young people we serve are also demanding change. We are here to listen to them and continue giving them the platforms to share their voices and be heard. This is our priority.

Current projects

Under Raleigh International’s current strategy, ‘Now is the Moment’, we outline our organisational objective to being a primarily youth-driven and inclusive organisation. Across every office, team, and area of work, we are focusing on improvements we can make to build greater inclusion.

Already we are seeing big changes. Here are a few examples:

Our work to improve inclusion does not end there.

Future ambitions

Over the past year we have been thinking hard about what else we can do to prioritise inclusion and anti-racist principles – both within our organisation and in the communities we work in. We know that our practises are changing but we need to do more.

At Raleigh International being an inclusive and anti-racist organisation means we will be actively challenging injustice and racism in all we do. We will ensure our policies, processes, programmes, and campaigns are designed through an EDI lens to promote inclusion and support marginalised groups in each of our countries.

We will be holding ourselves and each other accountable for our progress and we will be honest about our successes and failures.

We are dedicated to listening and learning. which we know will never end, so we have decided to keep our EDI blog to demonstrate our commitment, respond to world events relevant to EDI and share our support for the good work others are demonstrating.


Whilst we know that we have a way to go to ensure equality for all at Raleigh International we are humbled by the support and reaction we have received this fair, and we are excited by the prospect of bringing about more meaningful change through our mission to become an inclusive and anti-racist organisation.

In case you are looking to expand your knowledge and learn to be a better ally, here are some of the resources we have found useful so far:

We look forward to sharing our journey with you,

Raleigh International Global EDI Committee