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Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group ensures that the voice, energy and opinions of young people are at the heart of our work. The group consists of Raleigh International alumni from the countries we work in. Led by our Youth Trustees, they are our international representatives, and ambassadors for the role of young people in sustainable development and climate action.

Malaysian Borneo

Yong Jung Jie (JJ)

JJ is 22 years old and volunteered on a Raleigh Expedition in Borneo in 2016. Since then, he has served as the PR Officer for Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur. JJ is very passionate about the environment and his country. He is set to graduate as a civil engineer and is one step closer to fulfilling his dream to change the face of the world.


Roshni Niraula

Roshni Niraula is an MBA graduate from Ansal University, Gurgaon, India. She volunteered as a Raleigh ICS Team Leader in Gorkha, Nepal. The experience of leading a group of young volunteers expanded Roshni’s knowledge of youth and diversity in Nepal. She now teaches at a high school college and is keen to work with young people and address youth-related issues.

Binish Timilsina

Binish Timilsina volunteered on an Expedition in Nepal in 2016. Currently working as a Script Translator and Producer, Binish is passionate about the arts, music, media, film making, as well as social work. His ambition is to create reliable platforms for these respective fields in Nepal.

Since his Expedition, Binish has worked with Raleigh’s National Society in Nepal. He organised a campaign around World Environment Day, including a ‘Recycle and Reuse’ workshop. Motivated by creating sustainable change, Binish brings his talents for design, research and public relations.

Nicaragua & Costa Rica

Luis Moisés

Luis Moisés is 24 years old and volunteered on a Raleigh ICS placement in 2016. He is now a member of his local government. Luis is passionate about youth participation and empowers youth to improve their community. He acknowledges that Raleigh had a huge impact on his life, and has prepared workshops about water conservation. He remains involved with Raleigh, giving talks in universities and helping to train new volunteers.

Elissa Leonor De La Llana Ojeda

Elissa is 23 years old and volunteered as a Raleigh team leader in 2016. Raleigh made a huge impact on her life and she stayed involved in Raleigh’s work after her volunteer placement. Elissa continued to volunteer with Raleigh Nicaragua in their volunteer recruitment team in Raleigh Nicaragua, and she showed true active citizenship when she was involved in Raleigh Nicaragua’s national campaign, “Sin Plástico”.


Peter Lazaro

Peter Lazaro has worked as a Volunteer, Team Leader and Deputy Operations Manager on Raleigh ICS placements in Tanzania. He currently works as Communications Officer for the Raleigh Tanzania Society. He has helped to mobilise youth across Tanzania through his work in the Youth for Green Growth campaign.

With a degree in Education in Science with Information Communication Technology from the University of Dodoma, Peter is passionate about education, community development and youth engagement projects. He is committed to unlocking the potential of youth through training, public speaking and online campaigns around sustainable development and life skills.

Alice Norbeth Msangira

Alice Norbeth Msangira is the Youth Development Officer for Youth Along Development (YAD). YAD focuses on creating sustainable development through young people. Alice holds a certificate in Education from Mhonda college. She works with people living in poverty, inspiring young people to develop themselves and their communities.

Alice volunteered with Raleigh Tanzania as an ICS Team Leader and Deputy Operations Manager. She was an alumni supporter of the Google project in 2016. Alice has also been a volunteer with the UNESCO youth desk. She has delivered presentations on the Global Goals, entrepreneurship, youth volunteering and leadership.