Young people driving sustainable development

Raleigh International Strategy 2017-2020

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Impact Report 2017

A summary of our sustainable development achievements in 2017

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Impact Report 2016

A summary of our sustainable development achievements in 2016

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From Local Lives to Lasting Legacies: Raleigh International’s long-term effect on in-country volunteers

NEF Consulting, 2017

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Impact Report 2015

A summary of our sustainable development achievements in 2015

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Building pathways for entrepreneurship

Overseas Development Institute, 2015

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Impact Report 2014

A summary of our sustainable development achievements in 2014

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Impact Report 2013

A summary of our sustainable development achievements in 2013

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Impact Report 2012

Our first ever annual impact report demonstrates the difference that Raleigh volunteers have made across the globe in 2012.

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10 Years in Sabah

Celebrating 10 years in Borneo from 2002 – 2012

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Connections Magazine

Our alumni magazine is published twice a year. If you are Raleigh alumni and would like to receive a copy, please join our alumni network.

Autumn 2017
  • Our new Raleigh International Strategy 2017-2020

  • 30 years in Borneo

  • Hopes for the future

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Winter 2016
  • Raleigh Global Alumni Conference

  • National Societies news

  • Celebrating entrepreneurship

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Spring 2016
  • Raleigh Nepal: How young leaders are rebuilding their country

  • Family matters: A tale of Raleigh through the generations

  • Global Conference 2016: Will you join us in London on September 10th?

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Summer 2015
  • Meet the entrepreneurs: Volunteers use enterprise to combat poverty

  • Sia’s story: From venturer to Fieldbase Support Coordinator

  • Chain reaction: Charles Sanford completes epic cycle ride

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Autumn 2014
  • Country in focus: an incredible first year in Tanzania

  • The big issue: safe water saves lives

  • We meet emergency relief nurse Dame Claire Bertschinger

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Autumn/Winter 2013-2014
  • Raleigh’s first astronaut

  • Spotlight on sustainability

  • Action plans that push the limits

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Spring/Summer 2013
  • We lift the lid on biogas

  • Alumni take social action closer to home

  • Alumni reunion, 20 years on

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Autumn/Winter 2012-2013
  • Spotlight on education

  • Cutting edge creativity in Borneo

  • Your favourite (and hated!) Raleigh Rations

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Spring/Summer 2012
  • Spotlight on water projects

  • Paul Oginsky on the Hero’s Journey

  • Updates from the field

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