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Volunteers and rangers work together on a natural resources project

Volunteering overseas is great.

But it’s important that you make sure that your contribution is genuinely needed and that you will make a lasting impact.

Here at Raleigh International we urge young people to do thorough research before going away.

To help, we’ve put together ten tips to make sure your volunteering makes a positive difference.

August 9, 2016

From building a water-saving hand-washing device to communicating despite a language barrier – there are plenty of skills you can learn from volunteering with Raleigh.

But how to stop tie dye running when it’s drying, brew coffee in a sock and the precise depth of a long drop might not be at the top of the list of new skill expectations.

To mark Youth World Skills Day, Raleigh volunteers and beneficiaries past and present share the skills they have learnt and used on placement.

July 15, 2016
VolkerWessels logo

Raleigh has renewed its partnership with construction and engineering experts VolkerFitzpatrick. Following a successful first year working together, in which four employees volunteered on Raleigh programmes as Project Managers, VolkerFitzpatrick has decided to widen the impact of the initiative during 2016.

June 20, 2016

On 25th April 2015, over 21,000 people were injured when the devastating earthquake struck Nepal. One year on, Raleigh volunteers have been working alongside rural communities affected by the disaster, working to improve water sanitation facilities and creating job opportunities for the Nepali youth. But none of this work would be possible without the kindness and generosity of the women who have shared their homes with the volunteers. Raleigh Photographer Saraya Cortaville visited the Raleigh host mothers in Nepal, who shared their powerful stories from the time of the earthquake.

April 25, 2016

Raleigh Costa Rica recently celebrated the completion of the Young Female Social Entrepreneurs in Protected Area Buffer Zones (FemBuz) scheme. Through FemBuz, following seven months of dedication and hard work, three young female entrepreneurs have been awarded a seed fund that will help them start a new business and take the next step towards making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

April 13, 2016

It is with sadness that Raleigh has heard about the death of alumna Sarah Young.

Sarah was taking part in the Clipper Round the World Race as a crew member on the IchorCoal when she was swept overboard. Rescue efforts were hampered by high winds. Our thoughts are with her partner and her family and friends.

Sarah owned a personal lifestyle company providing services for private high net worth individuals and taking part in the race had been an ambition of hers for some years. She went to Borneo with Raleigh International in 2008 and stayed on into 2009 as a Volunteer Manager. She will be much missed by the Raleigh family.

Read the full statement from Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

April 2, 2016

In 2015, world leaders came together to pledge their commitment to achieving universal clean water and sanitation as part of the Global Goals. Water is one of the most important aspects of human survival, yet water scarcity is still widespread and many communities around the world lack access to basic water and sanitation facilities. This World Water Day, Raleigh volunteers have been doing their bit to bring water to the communities that need it most.

March 22, 2016