Request a speaker

Would you like to hear from a dynamic, articulate young person who can talk about all the important issues they face today? Or are you hoping to raise awareness about the work of Raleigh International and would like support from a volunteer who has had personal experience?

We have a network of trained volunteers who have all previously volunteered on one of our programmes, helping improve the lives and livelihoods of communities living in poverty. As a result they are passionate and enthusiastic storytellers who can share first-hand experiences. We’ve given them thorough training with the help of some experts in the field and now they’re keen to share their ideas and experiences. If we are truly aiming for a sustainable future, we need to involve young people now – they’re the people inheriting it.

“It is always heartening to see the eagerness of young people to contribute to the common good which the UN is dedicated to. I had my fear being totally overwhelmed but Shadi and Yahoska were of great help and support.”

Chantal Line Charpentier – UN DESA

“The speakers were great at coming up with ideas to engage young people further in sustainable development issues. As they were peers, it made it even more compelling to our groups and brought it all to life.”

Workshop organiser at The Challenge

Members have already been involved with running workshops for The Challenge, they’ve attended events during Parliament Week and interned at the UN in New York. They get involved in online debates, in Board meetings, at university and school events and shared their experience for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. We are looking to increase opportunities for our speakers. They are confident and engaging representatives and can provide a youth voice in meetings, conferences and other events where young people should be heard.

If you are interested in one of our speakers attending your event, please contact