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75,000 young people leading the fightback against waste and pollution.

Plastic is filling our oceans. The way we consume is harming our planet. This was true before the pandemic and the problem is getting worse.

We will support 75,000 young people to lead the fightback against waste and pollution, adopt sustainable consumption behaviours and promote alternatives.

We will bring together and help fund youth-led campaigns, initiatives, and projects so young people can lead and take action on to fight for zero waste where they are and around the world. These will help drive the green recovery from the pandemic.

We will equip them with the knowledge and skills to adopt and share new habits and behaviours which create sustainable communities and lead the fightback against waste.

Our work will focus on young people in the countries and communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate and environmental change, helping them to create real solutions and build back better from the pandemic.

To create a zero waste world that helps people and protects our planet, we need Action Not Excuses. Tomorrow is too late.

“Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans through our rivers. But it’s not just our oceans, its all over our land, in our cities, our countryside, even in the world’s most remote places, like the Arctic. Plastic particles are washed out of our clothes, our toothpaste, and even from our car tyres into the food chain. It’s in our food, in our water and in the air that we breathe. Every individual can make a difference, and it’s up to us to change what our future looks like.” Charlie, age 28

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Action we are supporting.

Action Not Excuses will support thousands of young people to adopt sustainable behaviours and advocate for alternatives to single use plastic, fast fashion, and food waste. Young people will be able to join together to combat unsustainable consumption practices and develop solutions to create zero waste communities. These will help drive the green recovery from the pandemic.

“We need a relationship with the environment that is associated with caring for biodiversity and also creating harmony with architecture, industrial production, personal consumption and urban planning.” Eli, age 27

Youth for Green Growth: Greentalist, Cost Rica

Young people in Costa Rica are leading a campaign called ‘Greentalist’.  The campaign will support thousands of young people to promote positive environmental actions and behaviours. This will help young people across Costa Rica to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

The campaign will run an innovative youth-led environmental education programme. The curriculum will include sessions on ecological awareness, waste management and reduction, sustainable lifestyles, and environmental leadership and social action.

Youth for Green Growth: Kathmandu Recycles, Nepal

Young people in Nepal are leading a campaign called ‘Kathmandu Recycles: Fight Against Plastic’. The campaign will create a movement of 5,000 young people to promote and adopt sustainable alternatives to plastics, whilst also supporting young people to generate and promote recycling and stop single use plastic waste

The campaign will also support hundreds of young people to create new livelihoods by 2022. It will equip them with skills and knowledge to run green businesses in the circular economy in the Kathmandu Valley.


Zero Waste Youth Champion: Charlie

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