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Planting 10 million new trees and switching people to clean fuels.

The planet is on fire. Forests are disappearing. This was true before the pandemic and the problem is getting worse. Stopping it is not enough. We must reverse it.

We will work with 10,000 young people to plant 10 million trees, protect biodiversity, and help people to switch to cleaner fuels which protect our natural environments by 2022.

We will bring together and help fund youth-led campaigns, initiatives, and projects so young people can lead and take action to reverse deforestation where they are and around the world.

We will equip them with the knowledge and skills to adopt and share new habits and behaviours which help others use alternative fuels, create sustainable communities, and lead the fightback against deforestation. These will help drive the green recovery from the pandemic.

Our work will focus on young people in the countries and communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate and environmental change, helping them to create real solutions and build back better from the pandemic.

To reverse deforestation and protect the natural environment that people and our planet depend on, we need Action Not Excuses. Tomorrow is too late.

“If I was the leader of my country, my first order of business would be to…convince people to put away their selfishness and join each other under the motto “Green Earth”, and do eco-friendly activities, and demand restoration for the damaged environment around the world.” Temujin, age 27

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Action we are supporting.

Action Not Excuses will support thousands of young people to stop irreversible deforestation, start planting trees and help others to switch to clean fuels. This will help drive the green recovery from the pandemic.


Youth for Green Growth: #KeshoTutachelewa, Tanzania

Young people in Tanzania are leading a campaign called ‘#KeshoTutachelewa’ (Tomorrow Is Too Late). The campaign will support young people across the country to plant 10 million trees by 2022. This will help reverse deforestation in rural areas impacted by farming and the use of wood for fuel.

The campaign will turn negative environmental behaviours into positive ones among young people, supporting decision makers to put in place positive environmental policies and mobilise a generation of young Tanzanians to act for the future of their peers, their communities and their country.

Youth for Green Growth: Greentalist, Costa Rica

Young people in Costa Rica are leading a campaign called ‘Greentalist’. The campaign will support thousands of young people to promote positive environmental actions and behaviours. This will help young people across Costa Rica to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

The campaign will run an innovative youth-led environmental education programme. The curriculum will include sessions on ecological awareness, waste management and reduction, sustainable lifestyles, and environmental leadership and social action.

Youth for Green Growth: Dame Chance, Nicaragua

Young people in Nicaragua are leading a campaign called Dame Chance (Give me a Chance). The campaign will support almost 250 young people to promote and create sustainable green jobs and behaviours.  The campaign will also support thousands of local farmers and small businesses to adopt positive environmental practices and reduce their impact on protected forested areas in and around their communities. By the end of 2022, over 6,000 people will be working to reduce the impact of deforestation and promote green jobs in 16 rural communities in the north and pacific regions of Nicaragua.

WILD through youth: Wildlife Integration and Livelihoods Development, Nepal

The WILD project will work with young people and marginalised groups to develop thousands of new, youth-led green jobs that support and sustain biodiversity in Nepal’s national parks. It will also support young people to create solutions to behaviours that negatively impact environmental protection.

WILD will support the development of new green jobs and youth-led green enterprises, increasing existing knowledge in rural areas and promoting positive environmental behaviours.

RISE through Youth: Rural Inclusive Sustainable Enterprises, Tanzania

The RISE project will create thousands of green jobs in Tanzania by 2022. It will support green entrepreneurs in 25 communities surrounding the Mkingu Forest Nature reserve to build new businesses which protect the vulnerable environments they live alongside. In partnership with youth leaders, local government and technical specialists, the project will equip thousands of young people with the skills, confidence, and structures they need to establish sustainable and successful green enterprises.

Reverse Deforestation Youth Champion: Elibarick

Quote from Action Not Excuses Reverse Deforestation champion Elibarick: "Learning about climage change was not a choice for me. It was my reality."

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