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1 month, 30,000 trees: Raleigh Tanzania continue tree-planting campaign

In January 2022, the Action Not Excuses KeshoTutachelewa campaign delivered a range of tree planting events across Dodoma, Tanzania.

28th March 2022

In January 2022, the Action Not Excuses KeshoTutachelewa campaign delivered a range of tree planting events across Dodoma, Tanzania. They planted 30,000 trees in just one month, much to the credit of the young campaigners leading the events.

KeshoTutachelewa is working collaboratively with different partners in making sure the trees that have been planted are well looked after.

Edwin Mwombeki, one of KeshoTutachelewa’s youth campaigners, spoke about organising tree planting events and how they are helping with tree aftercare.

“I have been receiving lots of calls from different school teachers and ward officers asking if I can plant trees in their schools as well. In February I was invited to one of the secondary schools (Nong’ona) to speak to school students on how they can better protect those trees and they even asked how can we sign those school student up to the KeshoTutachelewa campaign!”     Edwin Mwombeki, Keshotutachelewa campaigner

There have been challenges along the way in maintaining and nurturing the planted trees, such as issues around water scarcity and termites in the soil. However, the campaign have found various solutions this, such as keeping local drip irrigations for trees. Drip irrigation systems keep the moistness around the trees planted, while school students at the planting sites are ensuring that the trees continue to grow and thrive.

The KeshoTutachelewa campaign received praised from a district environmental officer from Dodoma City Council, Mr Joel, who has since insisted that the campaign continues to collaborate with government for future tree planting programmes in Dodoma.

Awareness raising about clean energy with KeshoTutachelewa

Alongside efforts to protect the trees planted in Dodoma, KeshoTutachelewa has also been targeting Tanzania youth through social media campaigns about the adoption of clean energy. Adopting clean energy is one of the ways to reduce the rate of deforestation. In Tanzania, there so many clean energy sources that might easily be adopted; Formative research by the KeshoTutachelewa campaign  found that while  briquettes, gas, electricity and fuel stoves were among the main source of energy used, their research showed that gas will be most convenient clean energy in urban areas and briquettes charcoal for rural areas. Thus KeshoTutachelewa has been campaigning about these two main clean energy sources for rural and urban areas.

Content has been created and shared on Raleigh Tanzania Society’s social media pages and on participants’ individual pages to further mobilise people to adopt  clean energy. Campaign participants designed a radio talk showto be shared on social media which highlighted where people can get clean energy sources. The radio talk show explained how easily people can access these clean energy sources and tackled common misconceptions about the high cost of clean energy.

Information on two clean energy sources, gas and charcoal briquettes, has been provided on social media through posters, short videos, and radio shows. A series of 7 posters explaining how to use them was created with explanations of how much quicker and better they can be compared to more commonly used energy sources.

The awareness campaign via the Raleigh Tanzania Society social media has reached thousands of Tanzanian youth following these pages – for example Instagram has more than 2,000 followers. Through campaign budget these contents will also be sponsored to more young people with specific audience targeting between 11,000 – 28,000 youths in Tanzania on Instagram and Facebook.

The KeshoTutachelewa campaign continues their work to build a better and more sustainable world through their initiatives. For the young people leading this campaign in Tanzania, it’s Action Not Excuses all the way.

Now is the time for Action Not Excuses. Tomorrow is too late.

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