10 and 7 week allocations!

3rd July 2014

As we waved goodbye to the 5 week venturers and Volunteer Managers, all eagerly anticipating the start of their projects, thoughts soon turned to where the 10 and 7 weekers will be going.  After a hearty breakfast and a chance to reflect on the last few days, it was time to find out where the venturers will be spending their first phase. Drum roll, please!

Alpha 1 – Sonsogon Magandai

Alpha 1 will be working in Sonsogon Magandai constructing a 20x40m building to house transformers for solar panels and a teaching space/workshop for the project. Providing the village with electricity, the project will also survey the area for a feasible water source.

Alpha 1

Alpha 1 will consist of Alyssa, Harriet, Eleanor, Kristie, Claudia, Fraser, Li Shan, Elise, Connor, Rob, Fergus and Jake. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Dave, Laura and Tom, plus photographer Tanya.

Alpha 2 – Kampung Lumou

Alpha 2 will be installing a gravity fed water system which will supply the village with a reliable and sustainable source of water. They will also be providing a full WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) education programme to the residents of Kampung Lumou.

Alpha 2

Alpha 2 will consist of Anouska, Nur, Rollo, Amber, Kim, Hamish, Lloyd, Mathilda, Rhiannon, Samidul, Yusuf and Emma. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Mike and Jerome, plus communications officer Victoria.

Alpha 3 – Maliau Basin

Working in partnership with Yayasan Sabah, Alpha 3 will improve the trail system currently used by researchers and tourists who visit Maliau Basin annually. The biological value and rich biodiversity of the area signifies its importance for conservation.

Alpha 3

Alpha 3 will consist of Danielle, David, Oliver, Irina, Sophia, Ben, Wei Qi, Jack, Hazel, Stanley, Adam and Pieter. They will joined by Volunteer Managers Mike and Angela.

Alpha 4 – Imbak Canyon

Alpha 4 will be working in Imbak Canyon, continuing work on a 350ft suspension bridge construction, as well as restoring and making new trails to ease access for protection and research.

Alpha 4

Alpha 4 will consist of Shela, Alice, Anne, Olivia, Dan, Meera, Ariane, Ashish, Chern Ta, Nathan, Chloe and Dieter. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Ceri and Andrea.

Alpha 5 & 6 – Long Pasia/Pulau Mamutik

For Alpha 5 and 6 their first phase will comprise two parts; an initial 12 day jungle trek in south-western Sabah followed by diving from Mamutik Island in the Marine Park off the coast of Kota Kinabalu (or vice versa).

Alpha 5

Alpha 5 will consist of Emily, Emma, Eleanor, Raekwon, Neville, Mees, Courtney, Lewis, Lucy, Jing-Shen and Will. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Chris and Liam.

Alpha 6

Alpha 6 will consist of Emily, Kate, Maggie, Rudy, Emma, Mike, Sher Rynn, Kailesh, Alex, Tom, Claire and Harry. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Gemma and Katie.

Good luck to all the Alpha groups!

Victoria Riley

Communications Officer