10 days to go…

1st October 2014


With only 10 days to go before our volunteers arrive and just 15 to go before our projects get started in our host communities let’s take a moment to meet the team and look at our progress so far.

Our Team Leaders are now out visiting their host communities as part of their P.P.V. (Project Planning Visit) activities. This is a key time for the pairings who will be out in the field together for the first time, exploring their work sites and meeting important stakeholders like Village Leaders, Project Partner Representatives and Youth and Women’s Group Members.


These individuals and groups will form an integral connection with our teams over the course of their projects, working together to help foster harmony between the team and the community and generate interest in the key issues of health and hygiene that Raleigh ICS is aiming to address.


Meanwhile, back at fieldbase in Morogoro our HQ team is busy putting the finishing touches to the Volunteer training events and planning for final deployment to the villages on the 15th October. The Volunteers arrive in Tanzania in a little over a week’s time, so there is still plenty to do! Our ICS team includes (picture above, from left to right: Carolyn (Country Operations Manager); Hazel (Country Expedition Manager); Alex (Deputy Operations Manager); Kim (ICS Medic) and Jim (Deputy Operations Manager)).

Carloyn is a busy bee at the moment as she is not only overseeing the current programme but also working to set up the ICSe programmes that are coming to Tanzania soon! Hazel, Jim and Alex will be working together to make sure Raleigh's current ICS programme goes off without a hitch, and the ever patiant Kim will be on hand for all our teams' medical concerns. With plenty of support from our fieldbase staff and the fantastic energy and commitment of our Team Leaders we are sure that this programme will be a great success!