13Q teams have been allocated!

28th June 2013

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Early this morning UK and Indian volunteers were spotted running around fieldbase in a confused state. It would have been a strange site for passersby, but in actual fact they were on a mission to find their UK and Indian team leaders.

The only problem was they had hidden themselves really, really well! A few were found near the cow shed, one under a bed, behind the tents and some proved so difficult to find that it took some teams almost 20 minutes. All the team leaders and volunteers were wearing bright coloured bindis so all they had to do was find one another and come together for group photos as you can see below.


This afternoon seems to have been a very busy one for the volunteers and team leaders. I have seen people being carried across the field base in stretchers… although there is no need to worry!!! Teams had only been practising their casualty evacuation drills along with some comms (communications) training, so we can all stay in touch with one another when they deploy to the villages this weekend.

Currently the teams are out on the volleyball pitch playing a mix of games, with cricket seeming very popular and competative! Overall everybody seems to be having a great time. Yesterday the snake catcher man came and introduced us to a few snakes he likes to carry around! Today has been busy and tomorrow the teams are off on short treks to see some of the countryside and local villages. We’ll update you when they return! Vandhanegalu!!! (Thanks!)


ICS – India Yankee 1 Hadya Village – Nanjangud Taluk, We have…

Lucy, Shrishail, Megan, Sadashiv, Gururaj, Sarah, Faruq and Mark (Team leaders), Parasappa, Toyin, Ashok, Rebecca, Henry and Basawana.

IMG 9334


ICS – India Yankee 2, Kandegala – Nanjangud Taluk, we have…

Emma, Abdul, Ravikanth, Grace, Dan, Santosh, Thejas and Dan (Team leaders), Adithya, Vinod Kumar, Samuel, Shanta, Sangamitre and Kausar Banu. 

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ICS – India Charlie 5 Kokkal, we have…

Michael, Isabella, Phillipa, Bethany, Pricilla, Hazel and Remeya (Team leaders), Lauren, Joshua, Charlotte, Amuratha, Meera, Dona and Athira. 

IMG 9339


ICS – India Charlie 6, Murukampadi, we have...

Fazil, Riyas, Fahad, Sam, Kirsty, Louise, Tom and Vipin (Team leaders), Laura, Deepak Sam, Tara, Ananthu and Chris.

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ICS – India Romeo 4,    Germala Eroad District, we have…

Shivashekra, Mathew, Deepak, Pradeep Kumar, Ashoka. P, Venkatesh, P. Natikar, Darren, Suzanne, Veronica and Sunil (Team Leaders), Laura, Imogen and Yashaswi. 

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ICS – India Romeo 3, Gudi Hasanur Talawadi District, we have….

Mikey and Rohit (Team leaders) and Geoffrey, Sidhhu, Sunil, Vaby, Krishna, Ganesha, Babu, Paola, Rebecca, Siddaraju, Stephen and Jonathon.


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