14 S Team Allocations

4th July 2014

14S Group

14S Teams have been allocated  to five different villages, 3 in Karnataka and 2 in Tamil Nadu.In Karnataka we work with our project partners MYKAPS and CORD and in Tamil Nadu we work with our project partner MYRADA which was the first grass roots NGO to work in this area.


14S Group

The Karnataka teams will be working alongside the villagers in creating awareness on health and sanitation issues, discovering how self help groups are an integral part of increasing livelihoods and working closely with them. The teams are also delivering wellbeing days in surrounding villages, a new initiative that aims to enhance health awareness through a full day of activities within a village, with Doctors providing professional advise, awareness lessons delivered by the volunteers plus sports and fun activities for children. The volunteers will be constructing much needed toilet units for twenty selected beneficaries in their village as part of the ongoing initiative that we are completing together with our project partners MYKAPS and CORD.

The teams in Tamil Nadu are based in the Erode district in an area called Germalam. This is an area strewn with hills, forests and farmland with villages dotted along the roadside on the side of hills or at the edge of forests. The villages here are predominantly tribal, Scheduled caste and Lingayat with the three groups living side by side. The area is remote, it can take several hours by public bus to get to the local town. The main livelihood here is farming and villagers are either day labourers or own or lease small holdings of 1-3 acres. The teams will be working closely with the communities to help build awareness on livelihood generation through the medium of organic farming, raising awareness on the benefits of organic waste as fertilisers and farming techniques in hill areas, where water scarcity and crop failure are regular occurances. The teams will also help deliver specialist health camps to the villages in their areas, targetting diabeties awareness and eye health. They will also help run vet camps for the local cattle and will be constructing a variety of washing areas and shower and toilet blocks. This work will be aided by our project partner MYRADA which was the first grass roots NGO to work in this area. 

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Thats all the groups! The UK volunteers will be working alongside Indian counterparts who will help them understand and integrate into their villages whilst also sharing their own culture and experiences. At the heart of all the work we do here is the community and this unique opportunity for the volunteers will no doubt have a lasting impression on both the communities and themselves for a long time to come. Our hope is that everyone learns more about themselves and the role we all have to play in making our world a global village. We will have lots of interesting articles, stories and pictures to keep you all updated on what is happening out here.