15E – Phase 2 Leadership Trek in the Usambara Mountains

29th July 2015

As the trek began we were all taken aback by the luscious green rolling mountain range with its stunning views. Alpha 2 quickly immersed themselves into the local communities in the Usambara mountain range by inviting a group of children from the local village to join them in a game of “duck duck goose” at the first campsite. We’ve also been lucky enough to visit a different community each day, giving the team an extra boost of energy as we’ve had the opportunity to buy fresh fruit and vegatables which are plentiful in this arable farming region. Usambara trek Phase 2 Camp life can be pretty hectic at times; from filtering water to preparing and cooking meals, job distribution is essential for a successful day at camp. Roles are allocated by the day leader, whose own responsibilities include waking everyone up at 5.30am, setting up breakfast and organising the daily energiser before setting off on the day’s hike.  A particular favourite has been the yoga sessions where we stretch out the previous days aches and pains; one morning even a local villager joined in with us! The local communities have shown a great interest in what we have been doing. We recently played a game of volleyball with some locals and after a hard fought match, our lack of practice became clear. A highlight of the trek so far has been an afternoon spent at Kwamaliame market filled with vibrant colours and delicious aromas of the local cuisine and the beautiful displays of kangas (local cloth) and masai blankets. A final favourite of the group which has pulled us through to the half-way point of our adventure has been the not-so-tuneful renditions of our favourite musicals. Let’s just say the hills are alive with the sound of (Alpha 2’s) music!