15K Third and Final Phase: Group Allocations

1st December 2015

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to four of our fantastic seven-weekers; Daan, Thomas, Abi and George. They have been absolute troopers, throwing themselves into the projects wholeheartedly. Shining examples of how young people have the power and energy to achieve so much and motivate so many in such little time. We will miss them lots, but have every faith in them and their ability to continue being Active Global Citizens wherever life takes next.

Phase Three brings a whole new chapter to Expedition 15K, but in no means is it a final chapter. The groundwork that 15K is working so ardently to lay is complex. It does not stop at a latrine block, or an ECD centre. Their work is deep-set and complex, there are many roots that feed into the trunk that appears on the surface. Physical graft, action research, awareness raising, teamwork, motivational energy, courage, grit, determination and resilience all feed in. In the same way, the branches that will grow as a result of this work will be many: community resilience, behavioural change, active citizens, inspired and motivated communities.

Our trekkers have been split into two groups given that we have so many for Phase Three. Alpha 1 will be starting at one end of the trail while Alpha 4 (the second trek group) will begin at the other. From experience our trek extraordinaire, Vanessa, has found that smaller trek groups benefit from a much wider scope of leadership development skills. Each individual will have more opportunity to be a day leader, leaving nobody to fade into the background. And so, the final four Expedition 15K group allocations are as follows…

Alpha 1 – Leadership Development Trek in Iringa

Alpha 1

Back row: Sam (Medic), Emmauel, John, Florence, Menno, Ashling (Project Manager), Nick (Project Manager)

Front row: Laura, Sarah, Zoe

Alpha 2 – SWASH Project in Endagikot (Schools, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Alpha 2

Back row: Charlotte, Jacob, Evodia, Richard (Project Manager), Mima(Project Manager), Milly, Ellie, Harry

Front row: Josh, Masota, Ben, Harry, Chris, Lee (Project Manager)

Alpha 3 –  Community Resilience Project in Didia

Alpha 3.1

Back row: Ian (Project Manager), Ferguson, Georgia, Kulwa, Harriet (Medic), Alex

Front row: Sarah (Project Manager), Daniel (Senior Volunteer), Sascha, Emma, Kate, Ibrahim


Alpha 4 – Leadership Development Trek in Iringa

Alpha 4


Back row: Chacha, Dadu, Stephanie, Antonia, Kim (Volunteer Manager)

Front row: Andy (Project Manager), Richard, Corin

And so as the volunteers enter their new, final phases, we encourage them to think of the bigger picture. To look beyond the final lick of paint, the one blister too many. And, of course, to enjoy every second.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth In Civil Society Tanzania