Raleigh Tanzania ICS and ICSE are up and running

21st January 2015


ICS Raleigh Tanzania are up and running after the Christmas break. With the management team arriving at Fieldbase.

Here at Raleigh Tanzania's Fieldbase in Morogoro the advanced team are busy setting up and preparing the programme for our Team Leaders (TLs) arrival next week.

Our projects will consist of a challenging three-month programme of fully immersive community development experiences for our teams of adventurous and curious young volunteers from Tanzania and the United Kingdom. Our teams will focus on working with local partner organisations and their host communities to improve local resilience across Tanzania by engaging in activities like action research to better understand and address the issues faced by these isolated and vulnerable rural communities.


ICS TEAM - Christine Gentles (Deputy Operations Manager), Acley Mremi (Deputy Operations Manager), Hazel Swan (Programme Delivery Manager)

This year at ICS Raleigh Tanzania we have a new program called ICSE (International Citizen Service Entrepreneur). Unemployment is a key challenge facing young people around the world and tackling that challenge can boost economic growth. To do this ICS Entrepreneur teams of young volunteers from the UK and Tanzania will be putting their skills and creativity into practice supporting emerging businesses and entrepreneurs.


Alex Bevan (ISCE Deputy Operations Manager)

We are looking forward to meeting all the team leaders from both the UK and Tanzania next week!

Be sure to keep up to date with all the project's activities via our blog or on Raleigh Tanzania's Facebook page.