ICSE Teams assemble!

9th May 2015

Allocations 3

Today was an exciting day at the induction for the 15W ICSE programme here in Tanzania. The volunteers finally found out which groups they will be in for the next eight weeks and to which communities they will be heading.

So without further ado here are the teams:

Team Lukata

Lukata is a village in the Mbeya region of Tanzania with a wider communit of approximately 5000 people. The area is known as the Southern Highlands and is in the south-west of the country near the border with Malawi and Zambia. After visiting the village in January, team leaders Eva and Radhia said, "The main road of the village is a vibrant and lively centre of activity. The people are very welcoming, friendly, generous and curious. It’s incredibly green, surrounded mainly by banana plantations." 

Allocations 3

Eva, Radhia, Guy, Jason, Dickson, Shaidari, Emmanuel, Rose, Piret

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Team Kyimo

The village of Kyimo in the Mbeya region is set in the middle of a banana plantation and has approximately 500 households and a total population of 3000 people. Team leader Sandra shared her first impression of the village:

“I was surprised to find that our dairy industry project was in the middle of a banana plantation, bananas everywhere you care to look, and on every plate we got served in one form or another.  The village was spread out, all homes had plenty of space around them – unlike the UK and Dar Es Salaam! The peacefulness and mystical location was enchanting.  All the homes were delightful and the village was very unspoilt. There were no satellite dishes or telephone lines in sight. Everybody was friendly and welcoming and very supportive of our project there, which is a very positive sign for the next six months."

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Sandra, Magdalena, Tom, Ian, James, Zephania, John, Mary, Georgia, Zoe

Allocations 8 

Team Nkalise

Team leaders Niall and Baraka describe the village of Nkalise: "Nkalise is a small rural village with a population of 652 located at an altitude of 1566m in the Rungwe mountain range in the southern highland area of Tanzania. It is located close to the border of Malawi. The altitude of this village provides a climate with cooler temperatures and increased levels of precipitation than most of Tanzania, developing an ideal area for the agriculture and livestock sector to develop. The community of Nkalise originate from the Nyakyusa tribe and speak their own dialect. They were very welcoming to us and displayed a high level of hospitality. The village appears to be one of a strong community resilience and interaction, with a great sense of community spirit and self discipline."

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Baraka, Niall, Yasir, Robert, Nicholaus, Isaac, Cyprian, Martha, Ruhana, Laura

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Tomorrow the teams will make the long journey down to Mbeya in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. After a training day with our partner organization EADD (East Africa Dairy Development) they will head to their communities and begin their projects in earnest. The first week will be spent meeting and greeting the community members and entrepreneurs and planning the next steps in the entrepreneurship training. They will also be conducting market research and baseline surveys of the community, so that the teams are well equipped to support business idea generation with the young entrepreneurs.

The teams are very excited to get started and already have some excellent ideas that we are looking forward to seeing implemented in this upcoming phase.

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