16I trek allocations and off they go!

4th July 2016

Alpha 1

16I Alpha 1

Back row, left to right: Alex, Angus, Harry, Project Managers – Daniel and Tara, Poppy, Johnny, David, Pete.

Front row, left to right: Medic – Claire, Photographer – Bruno, Communications Officer – Lisa, Mariska, Emily, Qin, Sudeep.


Alpha 2

16I Alpha 2

Back row, left to right: Thomas, David, James, Ocean, Project Managers – Jitesh and Anish, Lara.

Front row, left to right: Prabin, Bu, Sammy, Medic – Deidre, Karn, Betty, Surmila.


Alpha 3

16I Alpha 3

Back row, left to right: George, Martin, Caesar, William, Suraj, Makeda, Alex.

Front row, left to right: George, Eloise, Project Managers – Rina and Nishi, Bikal, Man Yi.


Trek route

The trek route through the Gorkha region is varied, starting out in small local villages and climbing up to over 3,000 metres over the course of the trek and relatively untouched by tourists.

Alpha 1 start the route at Motar and trek up to Barpak – the village at the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake. Alpha  2 and 3 will be camping overnight near Gorkha Temple and will take separate routes up the east side to the same location.


Social impact

As the first Raleigh Nepal Expedition trek groups 16I will see firsthand some of the devastation caused by the earthquake, with many homes and villages completely flattened. Rebuilding is ongoing throughout the region and it is likely to take over two years for some villages to be completely rebuilt.

The trek through the region is a great introduction to Nepal, with the changing landscape from remote villages to mountain ranges. The groups will have plenty of opportunities at the start and end of the trek to interact with the local people, to understand Nepalese culture and livelihoods. Trek groups coming into the area can help to boost local economies, by purchasing fresh food and souvenirs en route from local villages.

For our Venturers it’s just the beginning of their seven or ten week journey of self-development and advancement of their leadership skills Expedition will bring.
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What’s next?

5 July – 16J (5 week) Advance Volunteer Managers arrive

12 July – 16J Volunteer Managers arrive

18 July – 16I Phase 1 review/changeover


Photo credits: Bruno Oliveira

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