16P Team Nundu update: Sanitation block is officially open!

4th April 2017

At the end of December 2016 Nundu village said farewell to the 16P Raleigh volunteers who left the village having spent the last few months of the year working together to complete the construction of the highly-needed sanitation block at the local primary school. When the team first arrived in Nundu village they soon realised that although the access to water and sanitation facilities had increased there were still issues of overcrowding. This was highlighted at the school by the fact that they had six unisex drop hole toilets for over 500 students. Also, privacy was an issue as the facilities did not have doors.

The project was designed to directly benefit approximately 240 girls aged seven to thirteen in Njombe’s Nundu Primary School. As a result of this project, they will now have access to a new private gender specific toilet block with safe hand washing facilities. Alongside this construction work, the team’s awareness work has meant the girls, and approximately a further 180 boys, have improved knowledge on the safe hygiene and sanitation practices that can keep them safe from diseases.

The project has also benefited the wider village of over 2500 people and over 500 students. The children have passed on the good sanitation and hygiene practices they have learnt to family members creating lasting behavioural change in Nundu village. To ensure this lasting change continues, the ongoing management of the operations and maintenance of the sanitation block will be looked after by the School Sanitation Committee.

We want to thank SHIPO, the 16P volunteers and the community of Nundu for working together to complete the project.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Tanzania