17P volunteers arrive!

20th October 2017

Upon arrival at their new home before deployment into villages, the volunteers began sharing stories over a much-appreciated lunch. With volunteer managers on food serving duties, the hungry arrivals spilled into the food hall; the international reach of Raleigh soon became evident with representatives from Tanzania, UK, Holland, United States, Germany, Poland and Belgium spread across the tables.

Volunteer managers welcome their new team mates.


Volunteer managers Cat, Abi and Renatha welcome the new recruits with nourishment.

Soon after the lunch they went straight into an introduction to Raleigh Tanzania, presented by Country Operations Manager Vanessa along with the help of Ffion and Fanuel who will be the Deputy Operations Managers for expedition this cycle. They will support both volunteers and volunteer managers during the course of the expedition and will often embark on project support visits to the communities.

Amongst the team building activities and games (that add an element of fun) the volunteers will also go through training sessions which will prepare them for life in Tanzania focusing on topics such as home stays and rural village life. These are key sessions which will provide an open forum for them to voice their questions and be prepared for taking on an unfamiliar environment in the coming months. Briefings on the structures of the communities and their local leadership, who are important stakeholders in the projects, are also delivered.

Volunteer manager Sean takes lead on ice breakers with his newly assigned Tango 2 team.

Training will lead to phase allocations where our volunteers will be split into groups; in phase one, expedition will consist of a youth leadership project involving a nineteen-day trek through the Iringa region in the southern highlands of Tanzania. The trek team will share daily leadership duties between every individual while also being treated to some of the most incredible scenery in Tanzania. The other part of phase one will be a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project which will involve construction of new sanitation blocks and handwashing stations, as well as teaching lessons in schools and organising community action days to raise awareness on topics such as the importance of handwashing and personal hygiene.


The next blog post will announce the team allocations for the first phase, followed by a blog covering departures to projects!


Words by Miguel. Images by Paul.


In the meantime, if you would like to contact a volunteer, please follow this link.

Messages and letters will be printed and handed to volunteers at project support visits or change over.


Asante sana!



Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth In Civil Society Tanzania