17Y Livelihoods allocations

10th October 2017

Echo 1 – Dodoma Isanga, Kilosa

(from top left) Askari, Peter, Angharad, Noel, Charlotte, Yasmin, Ryan; (from bottom left) Ahmad, Cassandra, Lenny, Tabu, Petronia, Beatrice.


Echo 2 – Ulaya Kibaoni, Kilosa

(from top left) Ryeda, James, Les, Abdulmalick, Joshua, Henry, Kevin, Catherine, Maria; (from bottom left) Leila, Editha, Cleopha, Emma H, Emma J, Rebecca.


Echo 3 – Kihanga, Iringa Rural

(from top left) Harriet, Faheema, Veronica, Rosie, Ka-Yan, Abigail, Kaloji; (from bottom left) Wilson, Erick, Asanterabi, George, Victor, Sharifu, Aidan.


Echo 4 – Kiponzelo, Iringa Rural

(from top left) Michael, Thabiti, Maurus, Jake, Lutaihwa, Ennio, Barikiel, Rachel (front bottom left) Lois, Frolida, Malekano, Halaah, Abigail, Mwajabu.


Echo 5 – Mgama, Iringa Rural

(from top left) Godfrey, Tambwe, Kelvin, Joseph, Duncan, Darnell, Leonard, Sanjeevan; (from bottom left) Alanah, Jovina, Emila, Valeria, Laura, Alana, Hannah.


Echo 6 – Lumila, Iringa Rural

(from top left) Thomas, Joshua, Chalo, Steven, Daniel, Christina, Anna; (from bottom left) Ester, Annabella, Agnes, Emily, Hamisi, Samson, Katie.


Following the excitement of the allocations, the teams reach a period of preparation for deployment. They will very soon be deployed to villages where they will start settling in to their homestays and getting to know the communities. Further update on the departure, as well as some first impressions to follow – stay tuned in the next few days!

Words by Miguel. Images by Paul.

Youth Economic Empowerment Tanzania