17Y WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) allocations

10th October 2017

Charlie 1 – Mkindo, Kongwa

(from top left) Emily, Hannah, Hafidhu, Eliot, Laurent, Zoe, Wilfred, Barbora, Kakarabo, Letica; (from bottom left) Kelvin, Dan, Regina, Manuela, Melissa.

Charlie 2 – Magaseni, Kongwa

(from top left) Gemma, Stephania, Daisy, Wilson, Rachael, Gerard, Barnabas, Edward, Adi, Polly; (from bottom left) Bethany, Shaibu, Jimmy, Rose, Erica.


Charlie 3 – Sejeli, Kongwa

(from top left) Emiliana, Kerris, Charly, William, Eleri, Lauren, Agustina, Maxwell, Nickson, Kate, Florah, Kevin; (bottom) Ella, Michael.


Charlie 4 – Mgudeni, Kilombero

(from left) Catherine, Alex, Jessica W, Max, Rajabu, Clinton, Jessica H, Matthew, Eliva, Megan, Jaskirat, George, Evarist, Mariam, Rebecca.


Charlie 5 – Bwawani, Kilombero

(from left) Rosada, Dean, Vestina, Kim, Amy, Callum, Ciaran, Rhys, Ally, Rhona, Adelle, Jamey, Sadick, Ellie, Ahmeleki, Schola.


Charlie 6 – Msunjilile, Dodoma

(from left) Mohammad, Kate, Donald, Charlie, Oakley, Harry, Kyron, Carys, Mussa, Deborah, Nuru, Kipenda, Amber, Glory.


Deployment to village is fast approaching for the teams, who have only a few days to prepare for meeting their communities and homestay families.

A blog post covering their departure will be posted in the next few days followed by initial reactions to villages!

Asante sana!


Words by Miguel. Images by Paul, Miguel and Alfie.








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