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5 reasons why you should become a Tree Planting Champion

By becoming a Tree Planting Champion you will embark on a challenge which will benefit you, your community and the planet.

23rd July 2021

Trees are a natural solution to the climate crisis, but they are under threat. Deforestation is responsible for the loss of thousands of trees around the world. In the UK specifically, almost half a million hectares of trees were lost between 2001 and 2020. Not only does this reduce the UK’s ability to tackle climate change, but it also negatively impacts native British wildlife which rely on tree cover. If we want improve and increase tree cover and woodland in the United Kingdom, we must take action.

Tree Planting Champions are young people ready to take up the Raleigh International Tree Planting Action Challenge. Tree Planting Champions will embark on the challenge to organise tree planting events in or near their local community, while fundraising to support Raleigh International’s Action Not Excuses campaign.

Here are a few reasons why YOU should become a Tree Planting Champion.

1. You will do your bit to improve tree cover in the UK.

Trees are not only important due to their ability to capture carbon, but they also offer crucial habitats for wildlife and are critical for both our physical and mental well-being. However in the UK woodland makes up just 13% of the country’s land cover, which is almost three times less than the average woodland cover of 37% across the EU. As a Tree Planting Champion you will take the lead on improving tree cover and will be able to hold your head high while taking action to tackle this important issue.

2. You will bring your community together for a positive cause.

A key element of taking up the Tree Planting Action Challenge is gathering fellow young people and other members of your community to join you in planting trees at a tree-planting event. After long year of lockdown, this is a great opportunity to reconnect with people you know and provide a space for you to unite and socialise safely while doing something positive for the environment.

3. You will learn about tree planting and reforestation from experts

Do you know the difference between copses, hedgerows and groves? You will! As a Tree Planting Champion you will gain access to expert guidance on tree-planting and will learn about the best methods to plant trees sustainably in the UK. You will be able to access educational webinars about tree planting, which will give you insight into various types of native UK trees and teach you the dos and don’ts of tree-planting.

4. You will achieve a tree planting certificate

By taking up the Tree Planting Action Challenge, you will achieve a certificate which you can share both on your social media channels and your CV. The certificate will signify that you have developed the soft skills required to organise a tree-planting event, while also demonstrating that you have taken a real and tangible action against the climate crisis.

5. You will be supporting impactful climate campaigns through fundraising

Young people around the world are taking part in a number of amazing climate initiatives as part of Raleigh International’s global Action Not Excuses campaign. By taking on the Tree Planting Action Challenge, you will fundraise to provide important support for these campaigns and help them grow from strength to strength. From tackling plastic pollution in Nepal to supporting reforestation in Tanzania, by fundraising on the Tree Planting Action Challenge you will be making an impact far beyond your own community.

Get involved in organising a tree planting event later this year by signing up to Raleigh International’s Tree Planting Action Challenge by 31st September.

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