83 kilometres, 30°C heat, 80% humidity…

9th April 2015

Five fools - the Borneo Crazies will be running 21 or 10k in the tropical heat of Sabah because we care about our work!

Our Borneo expeditions operate from Sabah, in the north of the island of Borneo, where many people live below the poverty line. Programmes focus on building strong, resilient communities; providing access to safe water and sanitation and protecting the incredible biodiversity in the area.

We want more local Sabahan volunteers to take part in an expedition within their own country.

So what are we doing about it. Well have you heard the one about the exhausted Raleigh Borneo staff. Their 3 month expedition finishes at the end of April and so they thought ‘what shall we do’ – and one of them came up with bright idea of running the Kota Kinabalu Half Marathon/10 K race in order to raise some funds.

So that’s what they are doing. Philli, Emily, Dickie and Brandon are doing just that. The expedition is still going on so they aren’t training as much as they want to but they are so dedicated to the cause that they want to give it a go. It will be extremely hot and they will probably sweat the equivalent of a bucket of water and not be able to walk for at least a week after but hey ho – lets give it a go. Dougie, Brandon's son, aged 9 will also be having a bash at the 10k.

So why do we want more host country venturers on expedition?

Well … we believe so much in what we do that we want to be able to do more. The Raleigh experience to a host country venturer is priceless and will change their lives. They gain leadership, teamwork and communication skills, their confidence grows and new opportunities are opened up and by being on expedition they enhance the experience of all participants of a Raleigh Expedition. In addition to this as they are working on projects that take place in their own country this enables them to gain knowledge and insight to communities that they would not otherwise be involved in and in doing so building local leadership potential.

Thank you for looking at our fundraising page and helping out on this great cause.