Kwaheri 17D Expedition

21st April 2017

12 weeks ago, 34 young people from across Tanzania and the world came together to work in partnership to create lasting change within rural communities in Tanzania. Monday afternoon marked the end of this profound personal development journey and there were cheers of excitement mixed with some sadness as all of the groups arrived and were reunited at the WAMO training facility in Morogoro. The next few days were spent in debriefs and reflecting on all of the great achievements of the past few months.

Alpha teams arriving at WAMO
Alpha 1 arriving at WAMO

The 17D Raleigh Tanzania Expedition has been a great success. Here is a short round-up of the last three months.

Youth leadership trek (Southern Highlands, Iringa Region)
Venturers and VMs alike all learnt new skills and how to be self-sufficient for a total of 19 days whilst on trek. Youth leadership skills were developed alongside learning how to motivate each other to keep moving forward during the tough days. Great friendships were formed and everyone learnt about the local wildlife and issues facing rural communities in Tanzania.

SWASH (Chimlata Village, Dodoma Region)
4000 bricks have been made and over 40 SWASH (School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) lessons have been taught over the past three months. The structure for the new latrine block is up and the finishing touches will be made by an ICS group in June, which will see the facility open with a brand-new hand washing station. Teams worked with the local community and fundi (builder) to get the job done, learning many new construction and team work skills along the way.

Natural Resource Management (Ihanu village, Iringa Region)
The aim to build a sustainable tree nursery in Ihanu village and plant and transplant 100,000 seedlings was surpassed by a massive 50,000. A tree nursery was also built at the local primary school. The team built strong relationships with the community and worked together with the partnership and support of TFCG (Tanzania Forestry Commission Group) to make all of this happen.

Alpha 2 reflecting on phase 3
Alpha 2 reflecting on phase 3

To celebrate all of the achievements we also held the ‘Golden Mess Tin’ awards on the last evening. The categories included:

  • Most likely to become a comedian (funniest moment)
  • Most likely to speak another language (best improved language – English or Swahili or other!)
  • Most likely to become part of the community (Community engagement)
  • Most likely to break a world record (determination to get the job done, motivated)
  • The ‘Spirit of Raleigh’ award

We were overwhelmed by nominations for each award, which is evidence of the great work and achievements of all of the venturers during the expedition. Well done to the winners, Becky, Honesta, Elvis, Lutufyo and Zhibin. The evening then ended with a slideshow of pictures from the past three months accompanied by well wishes and messages sent in by the 7 week venturers who have already returned home. Filled with mixed emotions; sad to be leaving but excited to be going home, everyone enjoyed some music before finishing any last-minute packing.

Saying a last goodbye
Saying a last goodbye

We would like to say goodbye and good luck to all of the 17D venturers and Volunteer Managers and wish them all the best for the future.

Keep following the blog to get updates on Raleigh Tanzania and the Summer 2017 expedition.


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