A day in the life of ‘Logs’

22nd September 2013

Hi, Anna here again with our second blog from 13J. Everyone at Field Base has been busy this week getting ready for the Volunteer Managers' arrival, none more so that the Logistics team (Logs) Sarah and Laura. Alice will be joining them next week to get stuck in too. They get all the kit together for the whole expedition which can range from cooking equipment to ordering food and compiling the communications kits for each Alpha group when they go out to their various projects.   TAN 13J AL FB 053 TAN 13J AL FB 056 TAN 13J AL FB 153 Their first big job has been to sort out and undertake a stock count of the Logs store to check what may still be needed when they put together each group’s equipment boxes. In the store are piles of hammers, saws, spoons, kettles and any other number of things that may be needed for three weeks of living and working on a project site or trekking for 19 days. TAN 13J AL FB 132 TAN 13J AL FB 142 TAN 13J AL FB 166Sarah has been compiling the communications kits for each Alpha group that goes out to project sites or on trek. These consist of mobile and satellite phones, GPS and solar power packs. In Tanzania the Project Managers will mostly use mobile phones as the coverage is pretty good throughout the country. For trek, as the locations may be more remote, the Project Managers are also given PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) if there is an emergency and communication is difficult. TAN 13J AL FB 289 TAN 13J AL FB 273 Laura’s responsibility is ordering food from a supplier in Dar es Salaam estimating quantities for three months of meals. She also took a trip into Morogoro, the town where Field Base is located. Morogoro is a busy town with a bustling market which we visited to get some fresh fruit and vegetables for our evening meal. It’s not for the faint hearted! We were surrounded as soon as we stepped out of the Raleigh vehicle. Luckily we had Hendrick with us who knew the stalls to visit bargaining to get the best price. A group of young boys followed us around trying to sell us plastic bags for our shopping. TAN 13J AL FB 206 TAN 13J AL FB 196 TAN 13J AL FB 211 TAN 13J AL FB 218 Laura described her trip to town - “it’s hectic and amazing, completely different to anything I’ve ever seen before, just very busy with people everywhere. But everyone is very happy and always telling us how proud they are of Tanzania.” TAN 13J AL FB 227 TAN 13J AL FB 239 TAN 13J AL FB 246 TAN 13J AL FB 248 TAN 13J AL FB 260 I hope you've enjoyed our second blog. Hannah will be writing them from now on and she'll introduce the VMs to you soon. Tutaonana. Goodbye. Anna