A day spent trekking

18th August 2013

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Last month, you read here about the respect we have for our intrepid trekkers after a few days in the Southern Highlands.

In this post, Halimo shares her perspectives on the highlights of the full nineteen-day experience and Venica shares some beautiful photographs documenting her time in Alpha 1. Thanks, girls!

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On an average day, we’d wake up as early as possible at around 5am in order to get everyone fed and organised into roles ready to start trekking by 7.

Once we set off, we’d usually walk for an hour before a ten minute break, exchanging greetings of ‘Mambo!’ with the locals that we passed. If ever we bumped into children along the way, we’d make an extra stop to play with them, and then we’d carry on.

Once we arrived at camp, the day leader would delegate roles to make the camping area fit for us to rest after a hard day’s walk. We’d dig a slops pit and long drop, build a fire, purify water ready for the next day and then the cooking team (mainly Gracie!) would start cooking dinner. It’s cold on trek, so usually we’d head to our tents early.

One of the best parts of trek is that you get to camp in lots of different places. The ones that stand out most in my mind include: Hot Springs, where we enjoyed some relaxing down-time on our rest day and also had fishes biting off our dead skin on our feet and backs and Ndoto Farm, where it was really inspiring to see how people live their ordinary farming lives.

The self-development and learning opportunities you experience on trek really are second-to-none. We also grew and bonded as a team, as working together Quote 2bwas the only way to get everything done.


Memories of trek -

(Psst! Keep an eye out for a pig in an unexpected location...) 


















We are now only two days away from welcoming our Alpha groups back to WAMO - hasn't time flown! We can't wait to see them and hear all about their final phase experiences and their reflections on expedition. We'll share an update with you all later on this week.