A final farewell to Lukata

11th July 2015


As the second and final cycle of ICSE draws to a close in Lukata, we are taking our time to say goodbyes to our homestay families, entrepreneurs and that something very special and elusive about our time here in Lukata.

There is no end to the lessons, learning and memories we will be taking away with us from Lukata. Most likely there are plenty more that will occur to us once we get back home. One overarching realization shared by the team is that you cannot control or predict everything and neither should you. It is exactly the unpredictable that contains all the beauty, makes it all worth it, pushes you to the limits that you never knew you were capable of approaching and most importantly opens you up to those around you. It’s the ultimate stepping out of your comfort zone and letting the unpredictable mould and develop you into a better person.


The reason our ICSE experience has been so powerful is that we all went through this process together. In spite of all of our apparent and latent differences, every single entrepreneur as well as UK and Tanzanian volunteer went through this journey of positive transformation. By opening up to an array of personal and practical challenges that were thrown at the team on a daily basis, in a matter of a few months our entrepreneurs went from shy and unsure to confident, motivated, optimistic and truly inspiring young people. As a result they have not only acquired a load of entrepreneurship skills and knowledge but have also developed nine viable business plans and established a young entrepreneurs’ co-operative to ensure they continue both learning, sharing experience and supporting each other. They will continue to be a source of knowledge and inspiration to other Lukata community members aspiring to become entrepreneurs, therefore contributing meaningfully to Lukata’s long term sustainable development. In words of entrepreneur Marko, who has been elected by his fellow members as a chairman of the co-operative, it is the start of a shared brighter future of Lukata.


There is a lot we will miss from our time in Lukata: incredible people with huge hearts who opened their homes to us, unassuming and appreciating children following us everywhere we went, gorgeous nature and landscapes, invaluable time spent altogether, learning from each other, overcoming challenges and sharing blissful moments. However there’s even more to be looking forward to as success stories of our entrepreneurs will signify an achievement of both Lukata’s community at large and our efforts here as well. Therefore, bring on the unpredictable Lukata, as it’s always a positive one here!