A is for Allocations

30th September 2013

C1 week 5

It was an excited group of PM’s who gathered together to hear their project allocations…this was their chance to not only find out the place (or places) that would be their homes for the next few months but also to find out just who they would be living and working there with.

 With projects and project sites comes some more Raleigh lingo. Namely:

Alpha groups – the groups of Venturers. Each led by at least 2 PMs.

Projects – split into three different categories, Environmental, Community and Trek. Most projects will span all three phases. Venturers will typically experience one of each type of project throughout their time on Raleigh.

Phase – each phase consists of about 19 days out on a project site. Alpha groups will have three different phases on three different projects.

Changeover – the couple of days in between phases when groups head back to WAMO to sort out logs kit, are allocated into new Alpha Groups and get ready to head out on the next Phase of their Raleigh adventure!

So now you’re a bit more versed in Raleigh speak here are the allocations and projects!

Alpha 1 – Trekking

TAN 13J AL VM Allocations 031

PMs – Melissa, Anton, Stu, Callum, Mary, Janel, Olivia, Justin and Louisa

Alpha 1 will be trekking around the beautiful Southern Highlands of Iringa with a local guide. Phase 1 PM’s will be Anton and Mary along with Medic Stu.

Alpha 2 – Trekking

TAN 13J AL VM Allocations 034

PMs – Melissa and Chris

Also trekking around the Southern Highlands Alpha 2 will only be out in Phase 1.

Alpha 3 – Environmental

TAN 13J AL VM Allocations 040

PMs – Stu, Louisa, Callum, Janel, Emma and Anton

Working alongside the Udzungwa Forest Project Alpha 3 will be clearing tourist trails in Magumbera Forest. Phase 1 PMs will be Janel, Louisa and Callum.

Alpha 4 – Community

TAN 13J AL VM Allocations 038

PMs – Mary, Melissa,  Emma, Chris, Rose and Justin

Alpha 4 will be out in Shinyanga working with Save the Children building a school and sanitation block. Phase 1 PMs will be Emma and Rose along with Medic Justin. They’ll also be joined for some of the time by our Finance lady Hellen.

Alpha 5 – Community

TAN 13J AL VM Allocations 042

PMs – Chris, Olivia and Callum

This terrific trio will be out in the Katavi region throughout Phase 2. They’ll be building a sanitation block in the village of Useyva.

And last, but by no means least...here are the Fieldbase crew, including the three Medics who will each spend one Phase based here in order to give advice and backup as and when needed.

TAN 13J AL VM Allocations 043

Fieldbase - Anna, Hellen, Olivia, Lisa, Mike, Hannah, Sarah, Rondy, Stu, Laura, Justin and Alice.

Each project starts with a Project Planning Visit (PPV) by the PMs. This is an initial visit out to their project site to sort travel arrangements, meet their project partners and introduce themselves to the communities they’ll be living within.

Fieldbase is currently a hive of activity as all our PMs head out tomorrow morning to various parts of the country. They’ll be back later on this week and I’ll be bringing you a full update of everything they’ve been up to!