A Local Perspective on Gender Equality

21st March 2016

One such interview was conducted with Chinmaiya Bhatta, an older member of the community who had not received any formal education. Here is a selection of her answers from the interview:

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? “Women walking in a long line carrying banners.”

What does Gender Equality mean to you?  “If the wife is cooking, the husband should make the fire. If the woman is putting soap on the clothes, the man should dunk the clothes. If one is sweeping the floors, the other should sweep the yard. If one is making the fire, the other should gather the wood.”

TLs interviewing
Team Leaders Kapil and Marco interviewing Chinmaiya

What do you think are the advantages of Gender Equality? ” If both are equal, both can contribute and things will be better. If both are cooking, the food will become tastier.”

Do you have any suggestions for how to promote Gender Equality? “Men should understand the hardship of women. Only then is gender equality possible. They have to understand their day to day work and try to engage in all work together, hand in hand.”

Community members pledging for gender equality

These interviews offered us an insight into a number of different local perspectives on gender equality, and often managed to express this complex issue in universally relatable and beautiful terms.


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