Project insight: Access to Education in Chibe

5th February 2015

A4a Vicky, Asaf, and Medic Zoe headed out on a long journey north to visit the site of their Early Childhood Development centre (ECD) in the village of Chibe. Here’s what they had to say about the project: After a week of adventure training our team set off on their own. Asaf had let us know that our bus north would be a while so we busied ourselves buying shoes for camp and trying on the locally made jewellery. Before long we were running for our bus, jumping onboard as it pulled off and settling in for an eight hour journey to our overnight stop. It’s another early start the next day as we head to the village of Chibe, this time inside a Raleigh ‘Bravo’ (the distinctive white four-wheel drives that Raleigh uses here). The landscape alters from tropical and lush to a harsher agricultural one; randomly dropped huge boulders remind us of a certain Disney movie. A4c  Early days: The site for the new ECD in Chibe Our first stop was with project partner Save The Children, who have a key aim to work on Development and Nutrition. This is where our project came in. Building an ECD in Chibe will play an important part in improving the futures of children by providing nutritious food and education on diet, as well as allowing parents time to work to provide an income to support the family. Many of these children are orphans from HIV who have been adopted by other parents. We all felt excited to be involved in such a valuable project with a partner like Save The Children and headed to the site to meet the Village Executive Officer (VEO). Word soon spread and on leaving the village hall we were greeted with curious eyes and extended handshakes.    Sat between two rock formations the project site isn’t too far from the local school. Aside from the hard work of digging foundations and moving rocks, our venturers will be engaging with the local community on health and hygiene awareness. Judging from the reception at the village, engagement and social interaction shouldn’t be a problem. Our time in Chibe finished with a visit to the local market and hospital before we got back on the bus and made our way back to field base, bursting with gusto and safe in the knowledge we are doing something really worthwhile’   A4d As well as working on the Early Development Centre, our team will be raising awareness of health and hygiene with the local community children.