Action at Home – Charlie 2

13th April 2014

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Action at home is an important part of the Raleigh ICS journey.  It's about taking what you have learnt on your project and using it to make a difference in your local community back home.

This week we have been thinking about our action at home and have chosen a couple of ideas to share in our blog this week.

Saph has decided to ‘live below the line’ in Tanzania and the UK for her action at home project while writing a daily blog considering attitudes to food.

“Whilst in Nkhome I have recorded what I eat in a normal week as well as what I ate during ‘live below the line’.  I intend to do this again when I get back to the UK to make comparisons for my blog.  Involved in these comparisons will be 2 food diaries I have taken from 2 local residents.  Also I’m planning to include some statistics on food waste, benefits of growing your own food and links to TED talks to help inspire others to think more about the way they treat food.

I have chosen to do this for my action at home project as I would  like to raise awareness of the disparity between the amount and variety of food people eat in poorer and more affluent parts of the world.

The work we’ve done in our village has increased my awareness on this issue.  The results of the household survey we conducted highlighted that 24% of those surveyed said that starvation, famine or hunger affects them and their families.  We ourselves have experienced a lack of variety in our diet whilst being here.  We have used the services of a local businessman in an attempt to add more variety to our diet as he rides to Dodoma and brings us food back which isn’t available in our village.  However this is an option most residents of Nkhome have.

Four members of Charlie 2 decided to live below the line for 5 days whilst on project.  This was a challenge with meal variety and flavour was reduced further.

Before coming to Tanzania I made a significant effort not to waste food.  As our work in Nkhome draws to an end this belief has been heavily reinforced and I now feel even more passionately about not wasting food.”

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Muhoyi’s idea for action at home is to raise awareness on handwashing, water treatment and tippy tap construction in the rural suburbs of Morogoro, as well as encouraging litter picking and looking after the environment. 

“I will do this by going to a primary school and a secondary school and running some sessions about health and sanitation as well as encouraging others to come on Raleigh.

I want to do this because I now feel better equipped to deliver this information and have seen how important it is to share it.  When we were resurveying one woman this week she told us that her daughter had taught her about hand washing because Raleigh had been to her school.  I’ve learnt how essential educating children is to reach the wider community.

During my time in Nkhome I have learnt many new skills including awareness raising, presentation and construction skills as well as resource development.  I want to continue to develop these skills and challenge myself to educate other people in my home town.”

We have all learnt a great deal from our work here and look forward to sharing our experiences on our return.

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