Action at Home – Charlie 3

13th April 2014

charlie 3

Action at home is an important part of the Raleigh ICS journey.  It's about taking what you have learnt on your project and using it to make a difference in your local community back home.

Action at home is a big part of ICS, it’s about taking the messages that we have learnt about development during our projects into our own communities when we go home .  It’s about raising awareness of the issues that matter to us.

Here are two examples of our action at home plans from one UK volunteer and one Tanzanian volunteer to give you an idea about action at home.

Hendry Shrima - “I plan to work with other Raleigh ICS volunteers from Dar Es Saalam to do my action at home.  I want to work with some schools in Dar to share the health and sanitation lessons that we have learnt in our project in Mgongo.  I plan to teach children how to use tippy taps and ways to wash their hands.  Another idea I have is to work with schools to develop other health and sanitation resources.

I want to work as a team with the other Dar volunteers to pool ideas and help each other remember the importance of health and sanitation messages learning from what we each learnt in our respective villages.

I want to teach people about water treatment as many people in Tanzania don’t treat their water, and get ill as a result.  Teaching about water treatment and hand washing will prevent illness among the students.  Some students face the challenge of not having clean water at school, so it would be good to help them find ways to overcome this.

In Mgongo I have had the experience of talking to large groups of people.  I am now confident in public address and I would like to use this new skill to do talks in schools.

I want to focus on diahorrea prevention in Dar where I am from.  In Dar many people don’t purify their water or wash their hands so I feel that water treatment education and tippy taps will be liberating for students.

Diahorrea prevention is really important in highly populated regions like Dar.

Working in Mgongo has given me an awareness of development and its activities.  I have also gained confidence in public speaking, team skills, life skills and lots of English.”

charlie 3

Eilish Owens - “My plan is to hold a photography exhibition illustrating life in Mgongo and the changes we are bringing.

I chose this idea as it is really difficult to describe life in Mgongo in words.  The community, the challenges they face and the nature of our project are best understood on project site, but pictures are the next best thing.

Working in Mgongo I have seen many people whose appearance tells a story that I want to document.  They might be wearing traditional dress or carrying something bizarre.

Seeing the women walking for miles with water or wood on their heads made me realise how easy life is at home and I want other people to see these powerful images.  I want to raise awareness about the difficulties people face getting fuel and safe water on a daily basis.  It can take several hours a day to collect enough water, and yet more time to collect wood to boil and purify the water.

I also want to raise awareness about sustainable development so people can get more informed information, not just what they see on TV.

The project has made me grateful for things like running water and electricity but also taught me a lot about development; how it is about working with people to make sure the things we provide work within their lifestyle and not to impress our ideas on to them.”

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