Action@Home and Active Global Citizenship – “Because I believe in the change I can make.”

20th March 2015


Who are the legends in your life? Who are the people you know, who go about their lives making a difference along the way? We all know them, they don’t have to be the Mandela’s or the Malala’s of the world… you won’t know them by their headlines, you know them by their deeds, by their words, by the imprint they’ve left on you.  At last change-over we put this question to all our volunteers, venturers and project managers alike.

These are their legends....



It was the start of our Action@Home session.  A special session run at the first change-over of every expedition.  It sits as part of a series of workshops that venturers take part in over their time on expedition. Those sessions explore the concept of Active Global Citizenship.

Active Global Citizenship goes beyond simply knowing that we are citizens of the globe; to an acknowledgement of our responsibilities both to each other and to the Earth itself.

Global Citizenship is about understanding the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and having the desire and ability to work actively to do so.

It is about valuing the Earth, people and diversity as precious and unique, and safeguarding the future for those coming after us. Global Citizenship is a way of thinking and behaving. It is an outlook on life, a belief that we can make a difference.

Global Citizens are willing to think beyond boundaries of place, identity and category, and recognise all human beings as their equals while respecting humanity’s inherent diversity. Within their own spheres of influence, global citizens seek to imagine and work towards a better world.

Group 1

Action@Home builds upon the expedition's essential elements to help convert inspiration and enthusiasm into longer term action.

During the expedition we put the challenge out to venturers to consider definitive actions they can take once they leave expedition, both as individuals and as a collective, bonded through this shared experience. It is about utilising their enhanced skill set and knowledge of development issues to effect change in the years to come.


But why should they? The second question asked of them. What is the greatest purpose of taking Action@Home?

And they replied...

"To be part of a legacy that is bigger than yourself."

"To make a positive difference and be that drop in an ocean of change"

"To create a fairer and more selfless society."

"Because if we all did, we could make a real difference"

"Taking action at home can be the start of a new way of living for yourself"

"Because sustainable actions make for long term change"

"Because going back home isn't the end."

"Because I believe in the change I can make."


Group 2


As the expedition continues and as the remaining Active Global Citizenship sessions are rolled out, our volunteers will learn skills and techniques to analyse and critique the issues that matter. They will explore how to convert their passions to ideas and how to turn their ideas into action.

That is the third question asked of them. What is the one issue that gets your blood boiling? The one thing that when you hear it in the news or see it in the streets makes you wonder what is wrong with this world? If you could change just one thing in this world, what would it be?

This was their response...


Before the end of this expedition, an Action@Home committee will be formed, made of volunteers, to take hold of ideas shared over the course of the expedition, fashion them into tangible, practical plans, so everyone can contribute to collective Action@Home.

For the final question put to our volunteers is: now what are going to do about it?

"A vision without a plan is just a dream.  A plan without a vision is just drudgery.
But a vision with a plan can change the world" - Anon