Active Citizenship – What impact are we having in Sabah?

25th July 2016

Raleigh International is passionate about working for through and with young people in order to create positive and lasting change. A Raleigh expedition is not only an exhilarating experience but also often an incredibly eye opening one. Our volunteers not only get to see first-hand the consequences of large scale logging on the environment or a lack of clean and safe water for remote communities but also the positive impacts that can be achieved when we work together to combat these challenges.

BOR_16E_RP_BC_Impact Wheel-7 copy

In this respect the outcomes of expedition cannot only be measured by the infrastructure we build or the surveys we conduct but also through the changes in attitudes, behavior and values that being in such an environment can foster.
It is for these reasons that Raleigh Borneo run ‘Active Citizenship’ sessions for our Venturers during expedition. These sessions are designed to enhance the Venturers’ experience of being on expedition by introducing them to the principles of sustainable development and asking them to explore some of the issues and solutions faced by Sabah and globally.

BOR_16E_RP_BC_Impact Wheel-11

At changeover 2 we ran a new activity called the ‘Impact Wheel’. The aim of the impact wheel is for Venturers to consider the outcomes and effects of the projects they have been working on. Through doing this Venturers are given the opportunity to see the wider impacts of their expedition and understand their collective impact on building a more sustainable future.

To see what our Venturers created, check out the video below:

Youth In Civil Society Malaysian Borneo