Adamar take on Tihar.

4th November 2017

Angel and Becci celebrating Tihar with their host family
After returning from a sweaty hike, it was clear preparations were well underway; freshly painted houses, tika covered dogs, banners hanging from every door frame. As the darkness suddenly descended, the chanting and firecrackers began as hordes of children made their way from door to door singing ‘bhaili ram’ in the hope of a few Rupees. Our roles of being simple observers quickly evolved as NC8 were also kindly invited to take part in such festivities with our host mums. Once the girls squeezed into layers of fabric in an attempt to look the part, we started our adventure through the village to our first few homes. Thrust onto the “stage” we were forced to entertain with our moves and broken Nepali chanting. An hour later and still grooving at our first stop, it was clear this was going to be a long night of entertaining! Our stamina saw us through to the next few homes but shortly after, sufficiently embarrassed and exhausted, we collapsed into sleeping bags after a colourful and eventful night!
Our own Chris Brown steals the (dance) show
On the Sunday, our dancing skills were truly shown up as we were privy to a meticulously choreographed dance show by the local children. The girls shimmered and the boys jived as we followed them from home to home and they performed this two-hour dance set. Their performances and enthusiasm left us in awe. It is fair to say we will definitely be busting some Nepalese moves upon our return! But Tihar was not just about the dancing. Saturday provided an occasion to bond with our host homes as we were treated like brothers and sisters and felt truly part of our new family. ‘Didis’ (older sisters) and ‘Dais’ (older brothers) were adorned with tika and garlands as we exchanged gifts and were presented with a mass of sweets and treats – a welcome change to the usual dhal bhat but still no easier to finish! The ceremony and blessings that followed made this a special day for volunteers and host families alike and will no doubt be one of the most precious memories from our time here in Adamar.
Adam, Max, Sim and Reuben enjoying the celebrations
These are only a few highlights from this whirlwind of a few days. Our circulation may have been cut off from tight clothing and dancing skills put to the test, but the acceptance we received from our host homes and the community as a whole has been nothing short of overwhelming. We are excited and blessed to be part of such a vibrant and welcoming community. The celebrations may have come to an end, but the fun isn’t over yet!   Written By: Elle November Charlie 8 Adamar, Makwanpur

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