The Advance team for the Raleigh Nepal expedition 17I&J have been busy!

12th June 2017

Last Tuesday three new Volunteer Managers arrived at our Raleigh Nepal Field Base located in Kathmandu. Clare, Hazel and Elsemieke took the long journey to travel from the UK (Hazel and Clare) and The Netherlands (Elsemieke) to Nepal to be part of the advance team for the Raleigh Nepal expedition 17I&J.

The advance team arrive a week before the rest of the Volunteer Managers to prepare for the expedition. We have been busy getting all the paperwork ready, designing training and of course getting used to the climate change and the Nepali diet! We have also met the Nepali Volunteer Managers who will be joining the team and now have everything done before the other Volunteer Managers arrive and the intensive two week training will start.

Do not stop reading! And get to know our Advance Volunteer team…

Lizi and Preity: Deputy Operations Managers (D.O.M)

The role of the Deputy Operations Managers is to streamline project operations and to be responsible for the training of the Volunteer Managers and Venturers. They are the first line of communication for all the operational details to the Volunteer Managers and Venturers whilst out on project, be that on a community phase or on trek. They also provide support to the Volunteer Managers and their teams, whilst being responsible for other aspects that are important for expedition, especially overseeing health and safety.

Left: Preity, Right: Lizi – Deputy Operations Managers

”I first joined Raleigh Nepal in Spring 2016 as admin. After seeing the impact of Raleigh’s work in country I have continued to volunteer with Raleigh, as a Project Manager and most recently as DOM for expeditions in Borneo over the past year. I continue to be inspired by the staff, volunteers and communities with who we work to create positive lasting change.

I’m excited to be back in Nepal and after a busy few weeks of planning with the advance team, I am looking forward for the rest of the team to arrive!” – Lizi

”I have joined Raleigh as a Volunteer Manager for the last expedition here in Nepal. It was an eye-opening experience for me and I have improved my leadership skills. Now by taking part of this expedition I can enhance and improve my leadership qualities even more by working as a DOM.” – Preity

Hazel and Clare: Advance Medics

The Advance Medics here at Field Base are responsible for sorting out the medical kits, filling up the stock room and getting to know Raleigh’s medical support procedures. They have been very busy making sure that all the medical needs are available and ready for expedition. In addition, they gave training to the Nepalese Volunteer Managers.

Left: Clare, Right: Hazel – Advanced Medics

”Hello, I’m Clare one of the Advanced Expedition Medics along with Hazel. I am really excited about meeting the team and have already been chatting and mailing. I joined Raleigh having heard about the great work they were doing from a fellow doctor who had volunteered with them previously. I am up for an adventure and looking forward to developing my leadership skills.” – Clare

”I have worked as a Doctor in the UK for the last 3 years and I have an interest in wilderness and expedition medicine. Raleigh runs projects in remote and challenging environments and I am really looking forward to working both as a medic and as part of a team working towards sustainable development goals!” – Hazel

Elsemieke: Administrator

The admin makes sure that all the paperwork is ready before the other Volunteer Managers and Venturers arrive. The admin is a integral support for expedition, helping the Deputy Operations Managers prepare for training and collating all the necessary information. An important part of the role is also keeping communications active, managing the collection and posting of mail and writing blogs (like this one!).

Elsemieke – Administrator

”Five years ago I went to Raleigh Borneo as a venturer for the 7 week summer Expedition. Because I enjoyed that so much I always wanted to get back at Raleigh as a Field Base staff, to see it from ‘behind the scenes’. What I love about Raleigh is that they give young people the chance to work on themselves while being a major impact for people who really needs their help.” – Elsemieke

What’s next?

Tuesday 13th June – International Volunteer Managers arrive and start two weeks of intensive training

Wednesday 21st June – Volunteer Managers visit the project sites they will be working in

Wednesday 28th June – Venturers arrive!

Saturday 1st July – Phase 1 Deployment

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