Aghor Development Club: Uniting youths

28th August 2016

There we encountered plenty of barriers including perceptions of the youths, who were distant with each other and never thought of working together for common cause. The uniting factor between the scattered youths was Aghor itself; they were passionate about the development of their community and were willing for collectively to achieve their dreams of living in prosperous Aghor. With the assistance of Robin Bomjon, a social mobiliser, we motivated the youths to change their community and future.

blog_nepalICS_Robin, a social mobiliser and chairperson of Aghor Development Club
Robin, a social mobiliser and chairperson of Aghor Development Club

A youth group in Nepal one of the entities who can access the resources for the development of their local area. Thus, formation of Aghor Development Club, with this ability, is step to solve their problem just few assistances from Raleigh in its initial days. In long run, this will help to reduce dependency, increase ownership and accountability and ultimately lead to sustainability.

Youth Group commitee introducing the Kiwi farm training
Youth Group commitee leading session

Among the villagers, seven youths took initiatives to lead the group as committee members. With their common goal of Aghor’s development, at their hearts, they organised themselves and officially registered Aghor Development Club instantly. The novel announcement took place on International Youth Day and followed by a relaxed football tournament.

Volunteers and youths playing volleyball
Volunteers and youths playing football

Aghor Development Club (ADC) with the committed committee members started their work and assisted us to deliver Kiwi farm training. They identified the 30 most innovative and in-need farmers to receive the training, which we, as outsiders, would have found very difficult and time consuming. The committee members also inaugurated and concluded the training. The training was facilitated by a local resource person Krishna Bomjon. After the training, they distributed 180 Kiwi plants to the trainees and Mr. Bomjon kindly agreed to take the role of mentor.

Club wearing Raleigh tops distributing the Kiwi plants after the training
Aghor Development Club wearing Raleigh tops distributing the Kiwi plants after the training session

Over the period, we felt like ADC as part of our Raleigh team and they have come to consider us part of their community. With these early initiatives, we will be leaving soon and a new Raleigh team will have opportunity to work further in the future. We are optimistic that ADC will be continue their efforts even after when Raleigh is not there in the village.

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