Ain’t no mountain high enough for Raleigh Nepal alumni

22nd June 2018

Many Raleigh alumni are active citizens around the world and continue to make change in many areas. But to be able to make a coordinated difference globally, young people have to be engaged in conversations about the Sustainable Development Goals and have access to networks that can make change happen.

The Raleigh Nepal Society – also known as Ideas in Action – are passionate about engaging Raleigh Nepal alumni in development issues and giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas on new projects. So they have tapped into the  mountaineering culture of Nepal to create ‘Hike to Learn’, a knowledge-sharing initiative set up by alumni, for alumni.

On Hike to Learn, Raleigh alumni to come together on a mountain hike, where they play team-building games and discuss issues related to the Global Goals along the way. The event aims to encourage alumni to reflect on their role towards their community, while meeting other young people and learning skills of professional and personal development.

Preparing for a day of learning, sharing and hiking!

Sashi, a former Raleigh ICS volunteer, is the chairperson of the Raleigh Nepal Society. He said: “Hike to Learn encourages young people to be more independent, team oriented and confident as well as be responsible towards the community and future. It provides Nepali alumni opportunities of learning team building, leadership and other development skills.”

40 Raleigh alumni laced up their walking boots for the latest hiking event in Kathmandu Valley, challenging themselves physically and taking part in group discussions on how to help achieve and raise awareness of the Global Goals.

Nepal alumni discussed ways to achieve the Global Goals

Sashi said: “The challenging weather added to the already challenging route, and it was no easy feat for some first-time hikers. But in the spirit of Raleigh, everyone encouraged and supported each other, displaying a true team spirit and attitude of never giving up.”

Hike to Learn is open to everyone. By involving alumni in all stages of planning and execution of the event, it’s helping young alumni to build on the leadership, management, team work, and communication skills they gained while volunteers, and giving them the platform to continue growing as active citizens.

Raleigh Nepal alumni on their first Hike to Learn event in December 2017

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