Walking our way home

7th December 2013

With phase three now underway, the end of expedition is looming ever closer! This week I caught up with the Zulu groups to find out how their projects are going and ask how they're feeling about returning home. This blog is from Alex Blunt who is currently taking part on the Miratombo Trek with Zulu 1. 

zulu 2

As we, Zulu 1, make our way towards the infamous Momotombo volcano, we cannot argue that our trek hasn’t started with a bang. We have survived rampaging dogs, waste-deep river crossings, outdated maps, and experienced some breathtaking views firsthand.

Getting to this point, we have been extremely lucky to have the help of the locals, who have been extremely friendly. It has been tough, but what has been getting us through are constant pulperia stops and the knowledge that we are walking our way home.

After this humbling experience I don’t think that we will be taking the little things in life for granted.