All Over Again!

25th January 2017

The spring cycle of 2017 for the ICS programme, also known as 17R, will be working in two districts this year instead of one. They will be divided into two groups, where Group 1 will be working in Gorkha, and Group 2 will be working in Makwanpur. Raleigh International Nepal had only been conducting its Expedition program in Gorkha prior to this.

Group 1, Gorkha Team Leaders From left to right- Jasper, Sophia, Misbah, Emily, Lucinda, Roshni, Bindu, Saroj, Bikesh

Group 1 in Gorkha will largely be focused in carrying out livelihoods programme, with 4 teams placed in different communities of the district. On the other hand, Group 2 in Makwanpur will mostly be working in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programme, with one out of five teams working in livelihoods. 17R will consists of 9 teams in total, where 4 of them will be placed in Gorkha, and the rest in Makwanpur.

Group 2, Makwanpur Team Leaders
From left to right (back row)- Sudip, Fred, David, Bidhan, Bibek
(Front row, left to right)- Eleanor, Ella, Muna, Lauren, Sonam, Ella

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth In Civil Society Nepal