ICS Allocations

15th February 2015

Group 1

Valentine’s Day brings lot of surprises, laughter and hugs. That was no different for the volunteers of Raleigh ICS Tanzania. Saturday 14th February was the day they found out where they would be living for the next 9 weeks and who with. So without further ado let’s meet the teams...

Team Batini

Group 1

Team Batini will be concentrating on water infrastructure, assisting the local community in providing water for three villages. They will be working in schools and with community groups to promote good sanitation and water hygiene.

Team Mgaga

Group 2

Team Mgaga will be providing a sanitation block near the school as well as raising awareness of improving health and sanitation practises through safe hand washing procedures.

Team Idifu

Group 3

Idifu has a fairly large primary school near their home stays and another about an hour’s walk away. There is a clear mix of people from varying socio-economic backgrounds. Team Idifu will be raising awareness of basic health and sanitation practices.

Team Kikombo

Group 4

Team Kikombo will be working in Kikombo village to help replace the existing diesel pump with a solar powered generator to enable the water flow across the village. In addition they will be extending the “reach” of the water network by introducing new pipes and new distribution points across the village as well awarenes raising on subjects such as hand washing techniques and water purification methods.

Team Solowu

Group 5

The primary activities of Team Solowu will be focusing on education and awareness raising to improve health and sanitation practises. There will be groups organised amongst the village that feed into the community buy in and participation on the project. There will also be a sanitation block built at the local school and tippy taps and the three bowl utensil washing methods implemented in the homestays to improve community participation.

Team Kizonzo

Group 6

Team Kizonzo will be engaging with their community to help increase knowledge and practise of safe water and sanitation, through peer groups and community mentors, ideally utilising the youth population to encourage young community leaders to emerge.

Team Endanachan

Group 7

In Endanachan, the team will be helping to provide a water supply system to the village and teaching sanitation methods. Activities will include community awareness raising, building tippy taps and resource development.

Team Endamarick

Group 8

The outline of Team Endamaricks project is to dig a 1.2 km trench from one bore hole to another.  They will be working with DMDD who will provide the team with educational materials in order to deliver classes on sustainability, and the importance of sustaining the project after they leave.

Team Kinnihe

Group 9

Team Kinnihe will be working with the local community in Kinnihe to ensure that no further erosion takes place above their water source. The community currently use a hydraulic pump to bring water from the spring low in the valley, to the community.