It’s allocations time for the 5 week VM’s!

17th June 2014

lee ellieand david

It has been a busy few days here at fieldbase, and after the excitement of our first jungle experience the volunteer managers were eager to find out their project allocations and teams for the expedition.

So, without further delay, let me introduce you to the projects and volunteer manager teams.



Alpha 7 – Kampung Liu – Community Learning Centre repair and upgrade

Essential community facilities can be the cornerstone of a self-sustaining vibrant community.  Access to teaching facilities and the opportunity to learn to read and write is not always available to children of rural Sabah.  Malaysian schools require enrolling students to have a basic standard of literacy; Community Learning Centre’s (CLC’s) provide that first step towards education.

Raleigh previously built a kindergarten in Kampung Liu in 2005.  Since then the community’s needs have grown and it is apparent that they need a suitable building for adult learning and development (in particular traditional arts and crafts such as weaving) as well as a place for children to be taught.

 In association with PACOS (Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah), Raleigh is working to repair and upgrade Kampung Liu’s current Community Learning Centre (CLC) to facilitate this shift. The project will concentrate on repairwork including new floorboards, decorating, and new stairs.

The project will be looked after by Ellie, Lee & David.

lee ellieand david

Alpha 8 – Kampung Saguan – Community Learning Centre repair and upgrade

Kampung Saguan is a village located in the district of Tongod in central Sabah. Comprising of 148 families, the village has approximately 980 residents.  Saguan has been an Orang Sungai village (Malay for river people) for generations.

Raleigh International previously worked in Saguan completing a Kindergarten in 2008.  The use of the current building has expanded beyond the education of just children and is now being used by the community as a whole. Alpha 8 will be expanding the current building to accommodate its new dual adult and child use.

The upgrade of the current CLC will provide an improved learning environment for all groups in the village. In the long term, the village will have improved economic vitality, social wellbeing and greater attainment in education. It will establish community resilience and a more sustainable future for the villagers of Kampung Saguan.

The project will be looked after by John & Cat.

Cat and John

Alpha 9 – Taliwas – Trail build and maintenance


Taliwas Forest Reserve is a spectacular protected rainforest managed by Yayasan Sabah, east of the Danum Valley Conservation Area, and west of the area’s largest town, Lahad Datu. With Raleigh’s help, reserve manager Kai and his team of rangers are keen to raise Taliwas’ profile toward eventually becoming a top biodiversity research area alongside the like of Danum Valley and Maliau Basin.

Raleigh has been working in Taliwas since 2011 with the building of a gravity fed water system.  Raleigh has been back a few times since then, most recently on last expedition to continue working on a boardwalk and trails around the area. Alpha 9 will work on completing a lake boardwalk, a 300m educational walk and also start building of a 10ft high hide look out for observing birds on the lake.

 The project will be looked after by Joanne & Laura V.

joanne and laura v


The five week venturers will also complete a 5 day ‘top secret’ adventure challenge and will be split into zulu groups after their first phase.

With unexpected hurdles ahead of them, this challenge is designed to bring out true team work and leadership skills in all the venturers. They will be challenged, both mentally and physically, but with a strong team spirit and determination they will all come out the other end having, for many, achieved something they thought not possible.

The venturers will be assisted by Joanne, Lee & Cat (Zulu 1), Ellie & Laura (Zulu 2) and John & David (Zulu 3).

cat lee and joanne joanne cat and lee john and david


Check back soon for the 10 week (14E) allocations and teams!


Victoria Riley

Communications Officer

PS: Don't forget, if you want to leave a message for a loved one please make sure you mention their name and project group in the title. Private messages won't be posted publicly. Any general messages of encouragement are welcomed and will be posted below so please keep them coming!