Allocations for the Team Leaders

11th June 2015

Allocations 2


Yesterday was a very exciting day at the Raleigh Tanzania field base as the allocations for the Team Leaders were announced! All of the ICSE projects will be working to develop the entrepreneurial skills of young people involved in the dairy industry in rural Tanzania and will be based in the region of either Mbeya or Njombe.

The nine teams will be working alongside our project partner, EADD (East Africa Dairy Development) to engage youth into the dairy value chain and scale existing businesses.

Allocations 2

So without further ado here are the allocations.

The following teams will be based in Njombe...

Njombe is a region which is known for its tea plantations and is an area with lots of forests including a large one called Nyumbanitu.

Team Nundu: Vasant and Jane

Charlie 1

Team Itulike: Ibrahim and Qasim

Charlie 2

Team Nyumbanitu: Sauli and Kirun

Charlie 3

Team Ibumila: Sophia and Siobhan

Charlie 4

Team Lusitu: Umaru and Sekela

Charlie 5

The following four teams will be in the Mbeya region.

Mbeya is a region which is known for its banana and avocado trees. It is surrounded by mountains and a beautiful waterfall and also has lots of tea plantations.

Team Ilolo: Kiran, Alphonce and Soma

Charlie 6

Team Lulasi: Heleena and Martin

Charlie 7

Team Makandana: Alasdair and Paul

Charlie 8

Team Mibula: George and Hosea

Charlie 9

Tomorrow the Team Leaders all leave to visit their new communities on PPV (project planning visits).  They will be meeting Village Leaders, their homestays, some of the entrepreneurs and learning about the villages ready for the arrival of the volunteers.