Allocations revealed for the final phase

30th November 2016

That evening, venturers and volunteer managers flaunted their talents in skits which acted out the highlights from the phase. Based on the quality of the performances, it was clear a considerable amount of time and planning had been invested by each group.

The allocations for phase three were revealed in a scavenger hunt – a game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area, in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects.

Medic Sally and Deputy Operations Manager Penny devised a series of questions that, when answered, led venturers to a destination and revealed their community allocation for the final phase.


Venturers scrambled from one end of the training centre to the other, looking for clues that would uncover the answers to their questions.

Volunteer Managers excitedly welcome their new team members.
Volunteer Managers excitedly welcome their new team members.

Team Chapthok


Sinead (VM), Dipesh, Sanjay (VM), Tim (VM), Jonathan, Gus, Shyam, Alizée, Féline, Grishma, and Poppy

Team Adhikari Guan


Krishna, Natalie, Eden, Bishal (VM), Tjeerd, Lennart, Sushant, Sameer, Mishan, Sally (VM) and Tara

Team Baltar


Nish (VM), Louise, Bhuwan, Paul (VM), Cecilia (VM), Moritz, Lucas, Isa, Doughal, Jitendra, Jenny (VM) and Andej

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