12th October 2013

So, after a night in the jungle, venturers were really starting to get an idea of what life is really like on a Raleigh expedition. Over the last two days all Delta groups have trekked out into the jungle and survived their first night in the Bornean wilderness.

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 75

Deltas 1, 3 and 5 trekked out on Wednesday with two local guides per group, after a training session on camp craft and how to stay safe in the jungle. After swinging between the trees in our hammocks we transformed from novices to (almost) experts! So as Deltas 1, 3 and 5 trekked back to Basecamp, Deltas 2 and 4 were up and raring to go out for their jungle training. Despite the rain, everyone was in high spirits and either excited to get into the jungle or pleased they’d made it back from the trek with a mountain of knowledge and expertise to take with them for the rest of the expedition.

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 89

Friday morning we were all back together and the only thing on people’s minds was ALLOCATIONS!!

Below is where your friends and family will be spending their phase one of this expedition and a quick reminder of the projects venturers will be involved in over the next three months.

Heading up Alpha 1 we have:

Muhammad Tahir, Mohana Ramanee, Harriet Ayliffe, Ella King, Bethany Scott, Adam Del Guidice, David Salter, Oger De Vries, Sebastian Skjott and Nina de Planque

PMs: Hugh Rogers, Zhanara Yessenova, Alicia Lovell

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 125

Alpha 1 will be building a Community Learning Centre in the village of Togudon in partnership with PACOS (Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah).

Introducing Alpha 2:

Yin-Shyen Chon, Kirstey Selva, Emily Reed, Chloe Barren, Timothy George, James McPherson, Felix Hochholzer, Willem Volker, Romy Menten and Isa Vroom

PMs: James Harper, Angela Tucker, Rae Lloyd

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 133

In association with the Asian Forestry Company (AFC), Alpha 2 will be constructing a Gravity Fed Water system in the village of Sonsogon Suyad, located in the hills of Kota Marudu.

Drum roll for Alpha 3:

Woan Wei Loh, Jack Pairin Joseph, Josephine C-Thorwill, Lauren Wells, Emilia Wood, Quddus Rahman, Oscar Castenfelt, Michiel van Wulfften Palthe and Hannah Crook

PMs: Ali Fewell, Dickie Humphries, Nicola Smith

Alpha 3 will be involved in the construction of a second suspension bridge at Imbak Canyon, a class 1 protected site. In constructing the suspension bridge further research can take place into this bio diverse rainforest and illegal logging and hunting can be more closely patrolled.

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 132

Put your hands together for Alpha 5:

Justice Pius, Peh Hwa Wong, Jennifer Moroney, Charlotte Wells, James Wileman, Archie Cage, Thommy Doeksen, Florentine Arkel, Katherine Stack and Robert Gibson

PMs: Nic Logan, Nat Salvesen

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 134

Alpha 5 will be starting with the Dive lessons on Mamutik island, within the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park, in conjunction with Borneo divers, finishing the phase with a 12 day trek.

Last but by no means least we have Alpha 6:

Weng Yee Loke, Pg Zaheerudin, Lucy Maguire, Isabella White, Peter Wallis, Kyle Scott, William Shaw-MacGillivray, Ole Hylkema, Bobbie Schuller and Stefanie Siedenburg

PMs: Chris Payne, Naomi Moore

BOR 13K ZL VTraining 136

Alpha 6 will be starting phase 1 with their 12 day trek. Groups will be trekking in the south western corner of Sabah on the Kalimantan and Sarawak border in Long Pasia – a remote area of Borneo steeped in tradition and folk lore. Alpha 6 will finish this phase on Mamutik island for their Dive lessons.

Following allocations, everyone was buzzing, new groups were formed and people were getting to know each other – the name games were flowing. In groups we all discussed hopes and fears Venturers had for the expedition and the phase in general.

“I hope to integrate with the community”

“I hope I’ll be mentally and physically challenged”

“I hope I achieve something instead of just surviving it – I want to make a difference”

As a team, we want Raleigh to be everything the Venturers hope and dream it will be. Personal journeys will be carved out of the soil, Venturers will develop and evolve over the expedition in so many different ways – let the adventure begin!

Over the next three weeks Venturers will be getting stuck in to sustainable construction, environmental conservation and adventure. Good luck to everyone in phase 1, updates to come soon on how the projects are getting on.

Kat Townsend
Communications Officer