Alpha 1 – Kindergarten Build at Kg Abingkoi

24th June 2013

Our project is sure to include music, porcupine soup, off-roading, learning Murut and lots of animals on top of completing an incredibly important kindergarten build for the village and surrounding area. This project is important for the community as the children are required to have a certain level of reading skills to enter primary school and many children are not able to meet this requirement because they must walk ½ day to reach the kindergarten in a neighboring village. The kindergarten build will take place over three phases of the 13E Raleigh expedition.


We will be located in the center of Kg Abingkoi.  The village is located at the top of hill over-looking dense jungle at the end of an exciting off-road journey.  The trip will take approximately 6 hours heading South from Base Camp with a stop in Tenom for supplies and fresh food.  The village is a tightly knit community of eleven families all very close to us.  We will spend our time in our very own private rattan building which we will set up upon arrival.

This is in the center of the village.  It will be cosy and surrounded by action!  We had a warm welcome on our planning visit including porcupine and wild boar soup and traditional gong music.  We’ve also begun the planning for a sports day for local children.

This project is in partnership with PACOS (a grass roots organization supporting local communities in land and personal rites issues) and sponsored by Les Pacquerettes (a Liechtenstein-based foundation that sponsors many Raleigh projects).

Phase I project managers are Jessica Vreeswijk, Kim Strobl and Eva Kam.  Comms Officer Helen Trebble will be joining us for the first few days of the project.