Alpha 10 – Biodiversity Survey – Coupe 1

9th July 2013


PM Update

After a long and bumpy ride deep into the jungle in our loaded 4x4's, we eventually arrived in camp and got settled in (and rained on! - well it IS the rainforest!).

During the first few days, as well as fix up the camp area to a 5 star standard (!), we also learnt how to correctly locate and set up both mist nets (for birds) and humane mammal traps to begin our survey.


Every day we have been eagerly checking all, twice for the mammals and five times a day for the birds....    




Day 5 of our captivity...

Spirits amongst the venturers were high as they arrived back from an overnight stay in the dry sanctuary of the partially built research centre to the soggy kitchen in the camp. Hoorrahh! No food had been lost to the rats overnight – though several candles and been viciously nibbled!

The route up at 7am to set the bird nets for the day has become in itself a tricky affair – deep bogs, slippery slopes and the ever present leeches lying in wait – but do not fear, we have perfected the ‘Bear Grylls Knife Flick’ technique!




Today’s haul so far: 1 x mouse (escaped), 1 x Malaysian rat (escaped) and a Horse Tailed squirrel in the mammal traps and in the bird nets; 2 x Kingfishers (male and female), 2 x Little Spider Hunters and a Scaly Crowned Babbler.











Also two water proof tarpaulins have arrived – hopefully cooking in monsoon rain and puddles in our hammocks will now be a thing of the past!


None of us have managed to wash and dry any clothes successfully yet, however as we are all equally smelly it seems not to matter. Can’t wait to hug all at Basecamp on our return!