Alpha 2 in Nyamwezi with Buildbase / Hirebase

27th October 2017

Upon arrival it is customary for groups to draw up a team contract as a foundation for building friendships and a strong team working relationship to take on the work for the phase. Alpha 2 established an agreement as a guide of the values that drive the work and maintain cohesion between all members. Trying your best and staying focused on the task; look out for everyone and for everyone’s well being; be polite and treat everyone how you like to be treated are some of the entries that make up a common ground between a team who recognise the importance of the work, as dedication and urgency was immediately evidenced in their speed and commitment to begin.

The Alpha 2 team contract, signed by all members, will be a reminder of values during the phase in Nyamwezi, Kilombero.

Amongst Alpha 2 members are seven representatives from Buildbase / Hirebase who have travelled from all over the UK to work together for the first time in Tanzania. Scarlett, Maxwell, Joshua, Elliot, Connor, Rory and Simon bring with them a wide array of skills, including construction which will prove a great asset to site related jobs like brick laying and cement mixing. The volunteers are also hoping to develop new skills of their own, as expressed by Maxwell, “A lot of leadership skills – you take things for granted at home and I want to make the best of what I’ve got here, not take things for granted.”  Scarlett, also joining from Buildbase / Hirebase, alongside Alpha 2 team mate Angel will also be tasked with tackling the delivery of school water, sanitation & hygiene (SWASH) and MHM lessons with a view of also including the male students in the latter. This would prove a significant mark in Raleigh’s aims of inclusion and gender equality.

Maxwell and Renatha laying bricks at the WASH construction site in Nanenane primary school, Nyamwezi.

In the spirit of making a mark and along with the inescapable reality of working in schools in Tanzania, the Alpha 2 volunteers have been drafted to participate in football matches at the Nanenane school pitch. In the first match, in what was reportedly his first touch of the ball, Elliot from Buildbase / Hirebase scored a goal which elevated him to near urban legendary status, so much so that mention of his name spread to a Raleigh WASH group, working in the nearby village of Bwawani. Moments such as these mark not just the element of fun groups will experience on placement with Raleigh, but also serve to contribute towards mobilising the community into becoming engaged with the volunteers and the work they are doing, a crucial contribution to its success.


Buildbase / Hirebase are now also contributing to the impact, in support of Raleigh’s work, which will undoubtedly be achieved with the efforts of Alpha 2.


More updates from Nyamwezi to follow next week!


Asante sana!

Words by Miguel. Images by Paul.

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