Alpha 3: Awareness Raising In The Community

9th August 2015

A3 in school 60

Following on from the work of the previous phase in Magham and Barazani, our awareness raising goal for Phase 2 was to use group surveys designed by the group to form and present a campaign to schools in both villages. A survey was carried out in both Magham and Barazani Primary School, asking 7-13 year olds about their hand washing and teeth brushing habits.

It was encouraging to see results demonstrating that the majority of students were aware of the important times to wash their hands and that said they brushed their teeth twice a day. Our time with the children wasn’t all about the questions though, as half the group led some fun games outside to entertain those waiting.

A3 in school 60

The group with the pupils at Tumaini Secondary School following a hygiene lesson

For our campaign, we decided to reiterate the importance of hand washing and dental hygiene. We had an afternoon in each of the schools with the 8-10 year olds delivering a short presentation on the effects and most efficient techniques for hand washing and teeth brushing. This included an introduction to the six hand washing steps. We then went outside with the students for a relay race involving star-jumps, ‘toilet breaks,’ ‘chakula (food) stops’ and hand washing stations in the appropriate places. This race encouraged the students to use the six step method after ‘using the toilet’ and ‘preparing and eating food.’ Having covered the hands of the students in glitter before the relay race, the team with the cleanest hands was declared the winners. We all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our involvement in the primary schools.

A3 Passing Bricks 600

Alice and Chikte working at the construction site

We also had a morning in Tumaini Secondary School in Barazani, which focused on water sanitation and hygiene. In groups, we put together ten questions and answers per group, which were collated and presented as a quiz. It was a huge success with lots of information being shared in both directions, friendships made and awareness raised. It was obvious the students had received thorough information about water sanitation through school, as most of their answers were correct.

A3 Duck Duck Goose 600

Elisa and Kelly play a game of duck, duck goose based around hygiene

We are hoping that by improving water sanitation and hygiene habits, illness will decrease, allowing more regular attendance at school. In the future, this could lead to increased chance of employment, decreased infant mortality and all round improved general health.